How to publish pbi for several and diff clients

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I hope this is the right place to debate this issue above.
I’m working in a company and the way i choose to share my reports with him (only) is to give him an email from my service provider and pay the pro user license.
Now, what if, i have another 10 or 20 new clients, all from different companies, that i want to share with them specific reports from their company?
What are my options? I really don’t know which is cheaper, easier and safer for the client. Can you help me choose the right solution?
Thanks a lot guys

Hi @pedroccamara

If you’re publish your reports in a premium workspace then you can create a license or all the clients (which you have to) as all are from different companies.

Or you can use the publish to web option where you can provide the link to your clients.
But this should be avoided if your data contains PII.

Ankit Kukreja

Hello @pedroccamara,

Thank You for posting your query onto the Forum.

I’m providing the link below where just few days back I’d created a post which addresses this issue. In the post you can find a video where Reeza Rad has explained different scenarios about how to decide which licensing option is suitable for a particular organization.

Hoping you find this useful and helps you to identify which option is more better as per your requirements. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey @kkrj.ankit
Thanks for your answer but i don’t think this is a good solution for me.
Maybe there’s others…

Hi @pedroccamara

The other solution is as suggested by @Harsh. Very good explanation by Reeza in the above article.

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Thank you guys. It’s not what i expected, from a financial point, but it is what it is.
Thanks a lot guys
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