How to format a date range within a measure


I’m trying to create a fixed date range within a measure in order to calculate the average revenue per lead for dates after 2018.

Here’s what I have so far:

Average Revenue Per lead after 2018 = CALCULATE ( [Revenue Per Lead], DimLeadDate[CalendarDate] > 1/1/2018 )

However this is not producing the correct result.

I want this measure to only capture data after 2018, no matter the filter in place. Even if the user filters the dates with a slicer for after 2019, I still want the measure to capture lead info from 2018 onward such that this revenue per lead number remains consistent.

I thought I might need to use the ALL function to ensure the slicers don’t impact the value, but I’m not sure how to use ALL in conjunction with selecting dates after 2018. They seem to contradict one another.

Thanks for your help!

Hi @pete.langlois,

You are correct in assuming you will need to incorporate the ALL function but also FILTER.

    Average Revenue Per lead after 2018 = 
    CALCULATE ( [Revenue Per Lead], 
        FILTER ( ALL(DimLeadDate),
            DimLeadDate[CalendarDate] >= DATE(2018,1,1 )

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I hope this is helpful

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Thank you!

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