How to do Conditional Format referring to group Net result average

Hi Team,
I would like to do conditional formatting on Average of Group Net Result and compare with individual Net Result.
My Net result calculation(from my actual data) is a measure.
Please see masked data for reference.
Thank you.
for eg, I cannot highlight Cost Center 1008 because it is better than Metro Group - 50 Beds to 70 Beds average.

I do not have correct Average for the group. In my live data, Net result was a measure.
Please let me know if you require further information.
thank you.

Solution_AverageNetResultbyGroupForConditionalFormating.pbix (52.9 KB) ConditionalFormattingBasedOnSubtotal.xlsx (60.6 KB)

Hi @ammu,

See if this helps you resolve it.

Av. multi = 
    ISINSCOPE( Facility[Code] ),
            CALCULATETABLE( VALUES( Facility[Code] ),
                ALLSELECTED( Facility[Code] )
            ), [Net Result]
    ISINSCOPE( Facility[RAC Grouping] ),
            ALLSELECTED( Facility[RAC Grouping] ),
            [Net Result]

Hi Melissa,
It works perfectly with my live data.
can you please guide me to more DAX courses.
Thank you.

Hi @ammu,

The Learning Map is a good aid to work through the vast eDNA content available in the portal.
Except for the placement of the “Advanced Data Transformations & Modelling” course which I always strongly suggest to work through immediately after the Beginners Guides provides good structure.

I hope this is helpful.