How to display pop up table visual without hovering?

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In my report page, I have two column charts that show the last five years absenteeism trend and last Twelve Months Absenteeism trend. In my first column chart, I want to create a column chart that allows the end-user to left-click on one of the bars and display a pop-up table visual that contains records that is related to a selected bar clicked by the end-user. For example, if the user clicks on the Year 2020 bar absenteeism column chart, it will display a pop-up table that contains the Year 2020 absenteeism record.

Appreciate your help if you can guide me on how to create the above requirement.

PS I have attached a sample video below that describe the above requirements.

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Hello @YWJ,

Well I’m sure that default visuals in Power BI do not have this type of functionality but not sure if there are customized visuals available which offer such types of functionalities. What you can do is show type of visuals using drill through option. Recently one of our expert member @Melissa had used this option in one of the challenge. And a video was also created based on this topic. I’m providing a link of that video and some other videos as well.

Hoping you find this useful. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Would it be okay if instead of just click, when the user hovers on any graph, the relevant data in visual format appears more like a custom tool tip?

I did a video on this (Not very cool :sweat_smile:) but hope this helps.

Kumail Raza

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Hi guys,

Thanks for the tips and videos !!

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Hi Kumail,

I had tried using that method but my client still prefer to display a pop up when he/she left-click on one of the bars from the column chart.

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Hello YWJ,
Did you try building the pop up using bookmarks? You can achieve a similar behavior.
Or you can use tooltips and reduce the number of clicks.