How to convert total value in Indian Format Like Lakh and Crore

I used locale option from the power bi setting. But it didnt work for format of numbers still showing the value in millions and billions. I want to use indian format like Crore and Lakh. For example my total sale is 3.78 billion but i want to show it in Crore. How it is possible please suggest.
Thanks in advance.


I’m looping in @AntrikshSharma here, since I recalled from this post that he often works in crores.

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@dipeshkumar30 I don’t think there is any inbuilt functionality for Indian way of counting numbers but here is quick and dirty solution:

Divided Total Sales by 10 just to get the Lakhs/Million part, you can remove it for your use. Just remember to put the highest figure first in the code as SWITCH will exit the execution once it gets the first True.

Measure 20 = 
VAR CurrentSales = [Total Sales] / 10
VAR Result = 
    SWITCH ( 
        CurrentSales >= 10000000, ROUND ( DIVIDE ( CurrentSales, 10000000 ), 2 ) & " Crores",
        CurrentSales >= 100000, ROUND ( DIVIDE ( CurrentSales, 100000 ), 2 ) & " Lakhs"

@BrianJ Wow you are like our personal EDNA Google, caching and remembering everything!!!


IF this is a requirement for only a few visuals, you can use custom formatting on the visual.
The bonus here is that the end value is still a number, and not text.
The negative is that the formatting will have to be done on every visual that needs to show the letters at the end of the number.

hopefully, some day soon Microsoft fixes this issue for other users such as yourself. You may want to check and see if there is anything like this in the ideas forum


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