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Hi to everyone!

I am trying to do this in PBI but i’m having problems with the formulas. Looks very simple but it can’t do it :frowning:

The table i want should look like this in PBI:

I’m attaching the PBI file and also the data in excel. Hope u can help me.

Thanks :smiley: EXAMPLE FOR ENTERPRISEDNA.pbix (163.3 KB) FILE EXAMPLE.xlsx (222.5 KB)

Hello @MiguelCruz,

Thank You for posting your query onto the Forum.

Just wanted to check that will the PM and YA be the normal total sales or they’ll also be considered as an average sales of past month and year ago like you’ve specified for the P6M and P3M?

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Hi @Harsh :slight_smile: for PM and YA it should be just the sum of the sales.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @MiguelCruz

Might be worth a look at this page. Plenty of patterns and a good description.

Dax Patterns Standard Time Calcs


It is recommended to have a full Date Table

Secondly, Mark your Dates as Date Table.

Thirdly, align your Dates in Date Table with the Dates in the Sales Data.

After these adjustments try to get the results and if you face any problems, you can always reach out to us.


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