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Financial reporting workshop - custom sort orders


In your financial statements workshops you discussed custom sorting. I have tried replicating this using your demo data, but still can’t get the sort to work. Expenses still come before Revenue.
You seemed to have a couple of problems at first as well.

I think there must be a step I can’t quite see in the video, Any ideas please?

Also, at 25:12 in the video, you are in the relationships screen. I noticed that some fields have a SUM symbol beside them, but that does not happen in my version. Do you know why that is.

Version: 2.83.5894.961 64-bit (July 2020)

Thank you ,


Are you using a template design, and using the same technique as discussed in the workshop? And also are you making sure the numbers of the template are sorted correctly?

Some images or pbix file of what you are dealing with would be helpful on this one


Also not sure of the exact video you mention here? There’s quite a few on financial reporting across the whole portal.

Hi Sam,

Thank you for coming back so quickly. I was watching it yesterday and can’t find it now. It was roughly 95 minutes long. It was part of a whole series of interactive sessions. I think this is the link, but it shows as being unavailable now.

Check out this video and ones around it.

Goes through the technique needed

Thank you. I think it was one of the virtual workshops that I was watching.

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