Financial Dashboards

I went through the Financial Dashboards videos and tried to do replicate the file on my own. I faced the following issues, and appreciate any guidance:

  1. Double Calculate instead of LY value:
    In the video called Time Comparison calculation, at min 6:53, it is said that instead of doing a double CALCULATE function, we can use one CALCULATE with the LY measure. I’ve used![1. One CALCULATE with LY measure this approach, which seemed more ‘natural’ (as shown in the print screen called ‘One CALCULATE with LY measure’), but the measure returned zeros (as shown in the print screen called ‘zeros’).

  2. Blank rows when iterating the Normalized template:
    I could not get blank values in the blank rows of the Normalized template (i.e. row index 5), without adding the following to the DAX main calculation (as shown in the print screen called ISBLANK) :
    ISBLANK(SelectedRow), BLANK()
    I noticed that you do not add a similar provision in your formula even though the measure returns a blank; is there any setting I am missing?
    Similarly, how do you get blank values under the % lines of TY vs LY (my measure returns zeros, as shown in the print screen called 0 Values in TY vs LY)

  3. TY vs LY % measure returning 0
    My TY vs LY % measure is returning a zero for all line items expect for the %s. I’ve attached two print screens and my power bi file for reference.

Thank you for your help

2. Zeros 4. 0 Values in TY vs LY 6. TY vs LY % measure returning 0 Giving it a try.pbix (749.4 KB)

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I had a quick look at this.

  1. Looks like PY actuals works on your demo?

  1. This just looks like a formatting issue


this part above seems to be missing from your TY vs LY measure

  1. Again this looks simply like a formatting issue in your formula.

Currently the formula doesn’t know that the values need to be a percentage

You’ll see here below in this image from the video that your formula setup is different to the example

You need to make sure you can turn the format of the formula into a percentage.

Currently because of the above you can’t do that.

Try these things I’ve mentioned above.


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