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Filter Table based on Column heading Filter (2nd attempt)

Hello Team,

I have logged the help on the below topic " Filter Table based on Column heading Filter"

Thank for @tholstrup for the Solution but this solution will not work for my problem since I have employee data of over 3 lakh rows and 75 Columns so if I unpivot I will end up in problem with so many rows, Therefore any alternate solution without Unpivoting is appreciated.


@Dharma ,

One potential way to do this is to use what I call a pseudo-slicer, which you can configure to look like a slicer, but is actually a series of buttons linked to page navigation actions. In this case, each button would correspond to a different column header name, and clicking on that would take you to a page using that column as your filter context in a table or matrix. You could also do it on a single page with a large number of bookmarks, but I think the page navigation option is simpler.

This thread below describes the pseudo-slicer approach in more detail, and has a publish to web link where you can play with the demo.

I hope this is helpful.

– Brian


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