Enterprise DNA Online Courses - Recommended Order


Is there a recommended way to go through all the courses provided by Enterprise DNA so that learning materials are in a progressive order? If not, that is fine, just figured I ask, as I am starting out.


Hi Roby,

Here’s some ideas for you

This is where I would recommend to start

‘Ultimate Beginners Guide to Power BI’
‘Ultimate Beginners Guide to DAX’

Then work through these 3 modules

After getting through these, you can move to a range of specific training modules that focus on more advanced areas of Power BI development

These are the key ones below

From there you can utilise the other videos and content ad hoc, that is how they’ve been created to be used.

The key is to start building and developing you own models and then revert back when you need some revision.

You can also use the support forum as you go.

Let me know if any further questions.



Thank You, Sam.:+1:


This is very helpful. I started with the DAX course and it has been so informative.