DISTINCT Count from Column


I have a table from which I need to count distinct quantity ordered.
It is a bit difficult to explain. Hope the following example can help.

The Table

Item Qty
Apple 1
Banana 2
Apple 3
Pear 1
Orange 1

What I need

Qty Count
1 3
2 1
3 1

Appreciate your help.


Welcome to the forum - glad to have you here!

Give this a go:

  1. created a one column physical table, with the following calculated column:

Sequence = GENERATESERIES( 1, 100, 1)

This will provide the first column of your desired table

  1. created a measure to count the number of rows in the data table where the quantity equals the value of our GENERATESERIES column from above:

     Count Quantity = 
         COUNTROWS( Data ),
             Data[Quantity] = SELECTEDVALUE( 'Sequence'[Quantity] )


Full solution file posted below. Hope this is helpful.

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Hi Brian,

That worked perfectly :smile:

I tried with the Sequence table first. Since I am pulling the data from a SQL Server, I created a new query to pull distinct Quantity and replaced the Sequence table.

Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.


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