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Deneb Template - Linked Charts

One of the interactive features built-in to the Vega-Lite language is the ability to use a “brush” to select a region (or set) of data in one visual and use the selection to filter/recalculate another linked visual. A primary scatter chart and a linked secondary bar chart can be used to effectively illustrate these features, and I enclose a Deneb/Vega-Lite template for such a pair of linked charts.

This template illustrates a number of Deneb/Vega-Lite features, including:

  • a (primary) scatter chart visual using a click-and-drag “brush” selection, where the selected region is in full colour and the unselected regions(s) is(are) grayed-out
    • (Deneb responds to the colours chosen in the Power BI theme)
  • a (secondary) bar chart visual using the selected region from the primary visual to filter its values
  • Vega-Lite’s automatic generation of legends

The intent of this template is not to provide a finished visual, but rather to serve as a starting point for further custom visual development.

Also included is the sample PBIX using the Enterprise DNA Practice Dataset as a demo.

NOTE: This template is provided as-is for information purposes only, and its use is solely at the discretion of the end user; no responsibility is assumed by the author.

deneb.linked_charts.0.2.json (5.0 KB)
Deneb Templates - Linked Charts.pbix (1.7 MB)


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