[Deneb] A few questions

Hi, I’m watching Greg Philips courseo on deneb and I’d like to know 2 things:

  1. Does anyone knnow any other source that takes us by the hand and guide us through creating deneb visuals step by step? When I search on Google, I mostly find people getting already created json files and just editing them;

  2. Trying to replicate Greg’s code on this video ( https://app.enterprisedna.co/app/player-course/58?chapter=329&item=1598 ), I could not select a specific bar. I copy pasted his code and the only changes were the fields to adapt to my data model. The code is below:


“data”: {“name”: “dataset”},
“mark”: {
“type”: “bar”,
“tooltip”: true
“encoding”: {
“y”: {
“field”: “Dia Mes”,
“type”: “nominal”
“x”: {
“field”: “Faturamento”,
“type”: “quantitative”
“opacity”: {
“condition”: {
“test”: {
“field”: “selected”,
“equal”: “off”
“value”: 0.3
“value”: 1

Thx in advance

Hi @klein.keagan,

Did you try youtube? I found several videos that does deneb.


Trying youtube was one of the first things I did. However, all content I could find was people using already made codes and then just editing a few parts of them.
Did you find anything that teaches from zero to a deneb visual fully done, instead of just editting an already made code?

Thx in advance

I just watch about 10 minutes of one Power bi Guy has a series of them

Daniel Marsh-Patrick is the creator of this product is you weren’t aware of this. ( he has vidoes on it and also he had done several webinar with other Power BI people.)

Please remember this is also new technology but you have to play with it to see what it does too.


Hi @klein.keagan

Something else i found that will be useful too

Its mostly reading but i think it explains it pretty good.

I hope it helps.

Hahah, I found this guy’s playlist too, but didn’t know he was the creator of Deneb and was a little bit skeptical, tbh.

I will take a look on his playlist later. Ty =)

fyi… the video is another power bi guy… not Daniel Marsh-Patrick (deneb creator)

That guy was exactly what I wanted. Thank you