Default value for a slicer (showing the default)

I have several measures that use selectedvalue function to set a default value from a slicer.

If the user selects a value that is good,
If the user does not select a value then the slicer shows no sign that a selection has been made and yet the data is affected by the default (from the selected value function) from the slicer.

I guess hat I am trying to say is the user is unaware of the selection (that the selected value function is taking as default) as this is not displayed when the slicer is visible.

Apart from showing this value in a card is ther an easy way to make sure that the default is at least selected when the slicer is visible?


Hi @ells

You could switch the ‘Selection Control’ to single select,


And therefore, the slicer will always have a selection switched on.

The flipside is that the slicer cannot have multi-select.

Would that help?


The single select option is set to on. When the slicer appears it has no selections. You can thec close the panel, open the panel and still no selections showing.

This panel is very weird as the other slicer in there is exhibiting the same behaviour.


Thanks it looks like bookmarks were masking part of the problem.

I had encountered some what a similar situation, where I wanted to retain selection on a particular slicer and clear the rest. The one I had wanted to retain was set to single select. When I used the bookmark feature to clear my slicer selections, the single selected slicer would also clear (revert to default) and I had to reset that back to single select again. I was not able to get the bookmark to work across all slicers but leave the one set to single select intact. Perhaps there may be a workaround that I’m not aware of.


I’ve never found a fully satisfying solution to this problem either. While it’s a variant of showing the default value in a card, my favorite workaround to date is the approach that @Greg used in his Data Challenge #3 entry:

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So if i have two base measures

  1. sales value
  2. sales quantity

I want to provide a slicer for say colour with a default of orange. Does this mean the calculations become filtered if the product is orange? Or is there a way of selecvting orange by default?

Got a feeling this is not going to speed up my reports.

just been on ideas.powerbi and link

Looks like this has been outstanding for 5 years!

I understand that some of the comments for dates which you can work round but really this should be better.

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