DAX formula as a Slicer


I’m looking to create two slicers relating to a DAX formula I’ve created.

  1. Creation Date: > 365 Days
    < 365 Days

  2. Years Inventory: Greater than 1
    Greater than 2
    Greater than 3
    Greater than 4

The below isn’t particularly important but would look better from a presentational purpose:

No Total Value for creation Date
No Total for Creation Days
No Total for First Movement Date when filtering by item


Inventory Example.xlsx (29.7 KB)
Inventory Test Example.pbix (226.9 KB)

Hi @olson.michele ,

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Enterprise DNA Support Team

You can’t use measures directly in slicers but you can work around it by leveraging measures and a disconnected table. Generally, you’ll create a disconnected table that contains the values you want to use in the slicer. Then create a measure to harvest the selected value from the slicer. Then you need a filtering measure to apply the logic based on the slicer selection. Use the selected value to filter your data. Then you just use the values from the disconnected table in a slicer.

It can get complicated rather quickly, but you can use slicer functionality without modifying your existing data tables and filtering your data.