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DAX Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

To make your life easier when using the DAX Editor, there are a number of keyboard shortcuts available, including:

  • To replace all occurrences of a text string = select one occurrence, use CRTL + SHIFT + L, type the replacement text
  • To zoom the text size = use CRTL + mouse scroll wheel
    • Alternate method to zoom the text size =
      • CRTL + (minus sign) [underscore / minus sign key] to decrease
      • CRTL + (plus sign) [plus sign / equal sign key] to increase
  • To insert a new line (below the current line) = use SHIFT + ENTER
  • To insert a new line (above the current line) = use CRTL + SHIFT + ENTER
  • To comment-toggle multiple lines = select the lines, use CRTL + /
    • Alternate method to comment-toggle multiple lines = select the lines, use CRTL+KC to comment, use CRTL+KU to uncomment
  • To move a line up = use ALT + UP ARROW
  • To move a line down = use ALT + DOWN ARROW
  • To copy a line up = use SHIFT + ALT + UP ARROW
  • To copy a line down = use SHIFT + ALT + DOWN ARROW
  • To go to the matching bracket = place cursor at a bracket, use CRTL + SHIFT + \
  • To display the Keyboard Shortcuts page within Power BI Desktop = click on the canvas, use SHIFT + / (i.e., ?)

To see many of the keyboard shortcuts in action, view the YouTube video by Patrick LeBlanc of Guy in a Cube:



Thanks - great stuff. I’ve found that memorizing shortcuts for common tasks elevates the DAX editor from “laughably inadequate” to “approaching decent”. Hopefully, they will add the XMLA endpoint feature soon to allow us to use third-party editors within PBI.

Adding the link below to this thread, which has some additional shortcuts, plus a template for printing a Top 10 shortcut list onto a mousepad:

  • Brian
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Just adding some keywords to make this easier to locate via forum search:
DAX Editor, keyboard, shortcut

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