Date Between does not seem to be working

I hope I can find some help to a problem that has been vexing me for the last few hours.

I have a simple sales and date table combined and I want to create a baseline from the sales table to do some scenario planning on.

The data starts from April 2018 and the Fiscal year runs from April to March.

I created measures to segment the income into different channels using a simple filter.

I then created a measure for going back two years using date add to create my baseline. The logic for this is that my scenario starts from April 2021 and I wanted a stable year to model from. If I took last years data i.e 2020 it has been a little different from the norm because of coranavirus!

This means that I now have baseline data starting from April 20 onwards (Up to Jul 22 as I write this).

I wanted to reduce the dataset to a single year so I filtered my baseline on FY as follows

Income Baseline = CALCULATE(

[Income L2Y £k], FILTER(Dates,Dates[FY] = “FY22”))

This has worked fine and given me 12 months of data in April 2021 to March 2022. The annoying thing is that March 2022 is not a great number as it was impacted by the start of coranavirus. I have therefore tried to adjust the baseline to start on 1st March 2021 and end 28th Feb 2022 (Equiv of using March 19-Feb 19).

Adjusted Income Baseline = CALCULATE(

[Income L2Y £k],





When I do this I get no data in my visualisation (no errors though). I definitely have data in those time periods. I have tried using a filter with greater than and less than and no luck there. I don’t understand how it calculates with a single value like fiscal year but not with date between.

Can anyone provide pointers on where I am going wrong here?

Just at first glance, but the DATE function requires DATE ( Year, Month, Day). Try changing to 2021 and 2022 in your DatesBetween and see what happens.

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I am going to kick myself so hard if that’s it. Makes absolute sense but never once crossed my mind. I am away for weekend now but will check as soon as I get back on Monday. Thanks for your help.

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So the DateBetween function actually didn’t give me what I was after as it returned the total of that period but pointing out the schoolboy error I was doing with the year in the Date function meant that I could just filter with greater and less than and get what I needed… Thx very much