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Customer Retention with total sales for new customers


This is a continuation of my previous post “Customer Retention”.
Thanks to @Melissa, I was able to figure out the retention DAX formula but I did have to completely remodel my existing model.

I am trying to figure out Sales that came from new customers that enrolled and placed orders in a cycle. Once I have that, I can create measures to see the % of sales that come from the new customers vs total sales, Average spend, etc.

Attached is the sample file and any help with this is really appreciated. Retention with Sales.pbix (7.0 MB)

Thank you so much!

Hi there,

I hope the following link can help you in solving this issue:


Thank you so much for the response.
I was able to get the Running Totals Sales working but it came out as same as the Sales per Cycle as I have.

I think in the video he is describing how to find out number of new customers using the sales. (if not probably that’s how I understood) . I’m just trying to get the Sales for only for the new customers, so I can calculate Average spent. I just can’t think of the RETURN logic for the Sales for New Customers.

Appreciate your help. Retention with Sales.pbix (7.0 MB)

Hi @nipunadv,

You’re getting the Sales Amt per Cycle because of the filter context coming from ‘CALENDAR’[CycleText] in your table visual.

Give this a go - for decending - if you want it acending just change the >= into <=
I hope this is helpful.

Running Total Sales = 
VAR _currdate =  MAX( 'CALENDAR'[CycleID] )

            'CALENDAR'[CycleID] >= _currdate 
        ),  ALL( 'CALENDAR'[CycleText] )
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