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Crossfilter Join Issue

Hi All,

I’m trying to implement RLS and get the following error:


I previously raised a similar concern in the past here:

RLS Issue

I’ve tried 2 x Different approaches but still running into the same issue.

Approach 1- Physical Relationship (Many to Many) relationship where Users filters Application

Approach 2- No physical relation. Using DAX at the RLS level:

VAR Useremail=USERNAME()

'Users'[Username]=Useremail),"RA",[Company ID])

[Company] IN Usercompany

I run into the same issue regardless of the method used. I’m adding a sample pbix file for reference. If Bi-Directional joins are applied in the model, then this is no longer and issue.

Mock.pbix (31.5 KB)

Any assitance in this matter is appreciated!

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Hi @adsa,
Thanks for post your query in the forum.

See if the following approach can help you.


Mock_JAFP.pbix (41.7 KB)


@jafernandezpuga Thanks for this.

I’ll have a look and come back to you.

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@jafernandezpuga Thank you for your solution. I have gone through your solution and can confirm it works although I am yet to implement this into my master report.

Before I implement this, I would like to understand the solution better and have a few questions:

  1. What is the purpose of the junction table ‘Users-Companies’?
  2. Why is there a need for an inactive relationship between companies and user companies?
  3. Implementing the RLS DAX at the Applications-Companies or at Companies causes the join path tree error i originally had but not when it is at the Stock Location. Why is this the case?


Hi @adsa,
Really the way your data model is where there is no double relationship between two tables it should work.

You would only need to filter on the Users table and the Company table.

To remove the error I had to create a blank page and redo the visuals.

Searching in google I found some links in which he talks about this problem and I see that the reason is not clear since there really is no double path.

Solved: Re: Join Paths are expected to Form a Tree. - Microsoft Power BI Community

Solved: Re: Test Role : Join Paths are expected to Form a … - Microsoft Power BI Community


Mock_JAFP3.pbix (33.1 KB)

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