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Creating Dynamic Slicer


I want to build a slicer that can filter months for me in any years.
What I want to do is, I want to create a button or slicer with one click it can filter for me the months.

This month - Aug 2021
So with one button on the slicer will filter for me Jan - Aug month only. So that I can see all the Jan - Aug sales in 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018 … etc

Next month - Sep 2021
So the slicer will filter for me Jan - Sep month only. I can see the all the sales from Jan - Sep in 2021, 2020, 2019, … etc.

Do we have any kind of way to do that?

@Amirul ,

Yes, this is what we refer to as a period slicer. Here’s a video from @JarrettM on how to set that up.

Also, this is a technique that Jarrett uses in many of his Data Challenge entries. If you look in the Data Challenge Showcase, and look for his reports, you will find a number of his PBIX files you can download and see exactly how he set that up.

I hope this is helpful.

– Brian

That is awesome, Thank you very much
however can you guide me on how i can find Jarrett`s Data Challenge Showcase?

@Amirul - you can find them in the Data Challenge Showcase section of the portal, but in scanning through them tonight, I wasn’t able to find one where he actually used it in the same way you are looking for.

I think these might be more relevant for you. In the first one in particular, @JarrettM incorporates a great version of the period slicer that demonstrates a wide range of custom date period options.

I think this should give you what you need to fully implement this in your report, but if you have any problems, give me or Jarrett a shout.

  • Brian

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