Create Measures with multiple conditional checks

Would like your help on how to create the measure (Total Revenue )and set data model. I have 2 sheets in excel - Products & Sales

Table 1 (Products; 3 columns) Product Index; Product Name; Unit Price

Table 2 (Sales; 8 columns) Invoice Date; Customer Name; Product Index Product Name; Product Index Alternate; Product Name Alternate; Product Quantity; Discount rate

Total Revenue = ‘Product’[Unit Price] * ‘Sales’[Quantity] * ‘Sales’[Discount Rate]

Due to data quality there are 4 product related columns (2x Name and 2x Index) so have to find product match looking at all of them

  1. check for Product Index match between Table 1 and 2, if I get it then I have all data points to calculate Sales
    b. Sometimes the Product Index is blank in Table 2 which case I should check the Product Index Alternate
    c. If Product Index Alternate is also blank then I should check the Product Name to find the Unit Price
    d. Finally if Product Name is also blank then look at Product Name Alternate

I am not sure how to create rules to match data across 4 columns.

Thank you.

I think the initial issue here is related to data modelling, every detail regarding Product should sit in the the Products table and then only 1 column in Sales that creates a 1 to many relationship between Product and Sales. Can you please share the pbix file?

Thank you.

  1. Am unable to control Sales table as you may think of it data coming from multiple point of sales , some point of sales can capture information well and information is in stored in Sales[Product Index] about which Product was sold but other times the information of product sold might be in other columns.

  2. All master product information is in Product table. Sales table is invoice level detail on specific transaction

Okay, but without looking at the file it is difficult to create a picture of your data. Will you be able to share it?

Sure I will remove any sensitive information and try to share in next few hours

Hello @RSBI,

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In your case, although if we calculate the “Total Sales” by using “SWITCH( TRUE() )” logic the main problem will still remain unsolved that i.e. data structure because your analysis won’t get completed just by calculating the “Total Sales” figures. Let’s say, if you want to analyze your reports based on Products then it won’t be an ideal situation if your data consists any blank rows because that will ultimately collapse your entire report just because there’s an error in designing the data.

So first and the foremost thing for you in this case would be to organize your data in an efficient manner.

Thanks & Warm Regards,

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