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Hi guys
I do not use Power BI at work but I would like to learn and practice based on the tutorials provided in this course .Unfortunately most of this videos don’t have the excel files provided( and the ones provided in the bundle of material not necessarily match the tutorials related to ) also they don’t use the same information all the time hence for me it’s very hard to learn as I think first of all to be able to practice and understand you need to know your database very well .
My question is how do you guys approached this course ? In which order did you watch these videos ?
Any guidance /suggestion will be greatly appreciated


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I recommend you check out the following thread, where @sam.mckay lays out his recommended order of study:

Hope this is helpful.

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Hi , yes I did watch the first three but after which order do you follow ? What’s the structure of this course ? Followed quite a few videos but maybe because i don’t know which excel file to use to practice I am very confused … For example in the data intelligence bundle the excel file provided is not the same used in the videos … If you don’t know your database you will never be able to enhance your knowledge ( at least this is me …) I can see there are lots of very good demos and advanced formulas just feel a bit frustrated as I don’t know how to tackle this … and I don’t want to give up .This material is very good


If you’ve been through the first three, personally the next one I would recommend is the following:

In some respects this may be the most important course in the entire site - getting your data properly prepped and your data model correctly structured is absolutely critical. Without a solid data model, it almost doesn’t matter how skilled you are at DAX, your calculations are probably not going to work properly.

After that one, I would recommend the newly updated Mastering DAX Calculations course:

This course is huge in scope, covering basic to very advanced DAX concepts. It’s great in that you can keep going back to it and picking up new concepts and skills as your own skill level advances.

For each of the courses, at the beginning there is Course Resources section

Click on that, and it will take you to a zip file link containing the sample files you’ll need for that course;

I also really enjoy @sam.mckay’s shorter YouTube videos on specific scenarios, techniques, DAX functions, etc. To practice on these techniques, there is a Demo Data section of the site where you can download sample files for just about any type of scenario/application:

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