Correcting And Capturing Measure Totals


Good morning and would appreciate your help.
I am trying to get the Totals correct for my Measures and also want to capture the correct Totals in other Measure to do some additional computation.
I have gone thru a couple of your videos regarding getting the Totals of Averages correct; however in my case it is not a field of a fact table; it is a calculated measure in itself.
I am enclosing an excel worksheet that shows the problem and the desired results.
Thanking you in advance.
Best regards…Adi
Adi K. Asavaid

EnterpriseDNA_Example_CorrectingAndCapturingMeasureTotals.xlsx (442.6 KB)

Can you please expand on the problem within the forum post and not just add a download.

Please add things like the scenario, the measures etc.

This will likely get assistance much sooner.