Connecting Data from a client

Hello guys,

I have a client in Texas (I live in Spain) that wants me to build him a Power BI report for his business and to update every time he adds new data (3 times a day).

I usually know how to create my own Reports and Dashboards in Power BI Desktop, but when it comes to Power BI Services I´m kinda new.

My questions are the following:

  1. How do I connect his Excel files that are in a local system to my Power BI desktop?

  2. Once the report is finished, how do I send him the report. Does he need to have a Power BI Pro Account to be able to visualize the report?

  3. Someone told me that I can upload the client’s files to Power BI Services and then I extract the data from Power BI Services into Power BI Desktop.

If someone can guide me in the right direction I truly appreciated it.

On your personal experience, if I want to start building Power BI Report (Freelancer) for several clients, what´s the best way to ask for their data and to show the reports?

Thanks a lot for the help,


Hi @Yeriel,

In this course Power BI Super Users Workshop you’ll find a section on the Power BI Online Service

You may also want to review the video in this topic on licencing.

I hope this is helpful.

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Thanks a lot @Melissa!!!

The links that you provided really enlightened my knowledge, especially the post created by Radacad about all the different ways of sharing a report with a client or colleague.

On the other side, can you also guide in the right direction when it comes to retrieving data from a customer?

I know there are multiples ways of connecting customer data such as:
Direct Query
Live Query
Import, etc.

If you can enlighten me with other of your awesome links I will truly appreciate it.

Thanks for the tips,


Hi @Yeriel,

Available connection types will depend on the source and it’s location…
Here you’ll find Microsoft articles on connecting to data and gateways.

I hope this is helpful.

Hi @Melissa,

Just a quick note, I had a meeting with a client yesterday and he asked me a lot of questions on how to share reports with other users and Thank God you showed these articles because a did sound like a Pro :man_teacher:.

Thanks for the support!



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