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Compare weeks within a month for equal number of weeks in previous month

What I’m working on is the weekly hours analysis and the issue I’m having is trying to create a measure to compare this Months hours to the previous months hours, but the issue is that as it stands this month has only 3 full weeks hours of data, and last month has 4 weeks and I need a like with like comparison, therefore to compare the first 3 weeks of last month to the 3 weeks in this month.

The way I originally tried to achieve this was to divide last months weeks by a count of the weeks in that month (4) and multiply by the count of weeks in the current month (3), but that only gave me an average of 3 weeks of last month and not an exact like with like to the first 3 weeks of this month.

Might you know of any measure to sum the number of weeks in the prior month to match the number of weeks in the current month ?
I want to compare like with like, apples to apples.

@shane.cashman ,

Here’s a video series I did recently on comparing the first N business days of each month to the same N business days of the previous month. I think this provides the general approach that could be taken to do the sort of apples to apples comparison you are looking for. The first video focuses on primaryily a Power Query-based solution, while the next one is entirely DAX-driven.

I hope you find these helpful.

  • Brian

Thanks for working on a solution on this post @BrianJ.

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Thank you for the link, @BrianJ ! Seem to be useful in my work too.


That’s great to hear. When I first created these two videos, I had the sense that this pattern would find a lot of different practical applications.

  • Brian