Combine data from different columns

Hi PBI people
I have two tables, one for “preinvoice” and one for “sales”, which are connected to the date table.
I have two measures from these tables called Preinvoice revenue and Sales Actual.

Assume its November, and today is 13/11/2020. I need to combine values in the “sales actual” column only up to 12/11/2020, and add take two values (the 13th and 14th of November from the “preinvoice revenue” and make one new column.

I’m totally stuck on how to do this!

I intentionally need to drop the $25K sales value from 13/11/2020 because this is an incomplete sales total (wont be complete until close of business that day.)PBI quest…xlsx (10.4 KB)

After I’ve combined them I need to do a cumulative plot of the data, that bit I can do, but stumped on getting the columns combined…!

Hi @Claire,

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and kudos for providing mock up file as well :+1:

You actually don’t need to materialize columns in Power BI like you would in Excel, that’s what Measures are for :wink:

So I’ve created a simple model based on the data you’ve provided (note that I did include a list of dates for all days in 2020 and marked that table as a date table)


Next I created simple aggregate measures with this pattern:

Sales = SUM( Sales[Sales Actual] )

And for the final measure, used variables and measure branching to bring it all together.

Total Value = 
VAR mySales = 
    CALCULATE( [Sales],
       FILTER( ALLSELECTED( Dates[Date] ),
            Dates[Date] < [Today]
        VALUES( Dates[Date] )
VAR myPreInv =
    CALCULATE( [PreInvoice],
       FILTER( ALLSELECTED( Dates[Date] ),
            Dates[Date] >= [Today] &&
            Dates[Date] < [Today] +2
        VALUES( Dates[Date] )

mySales + myPreInv

With this result.

Here’s your sample file: eDNA - Combine data from columns.pbix (46.5 KB)
I hope this is helpful.


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Hi @Melissa
Thanks so much for taking the time out to provide that solution, it works - you’re a gem!

Sorry for not uploading my pbix file, I had the measures in there :slight_smile: