Color coded based on conditions

I have Sample data as below
Empid OverallRating Apraiseratinglastyr Apraiseratingcurrentyer
AAAAAA 3.5 3 4
BBBBBB 4 4 4

Output willbe as below
Empid Status OverallRating Apraiseratinglastyr Apraiseratingcurrentyer
AAAAAA 3.5 3 4
BBBBBB 4 4 4
Status is color coded based on OverallRating<5 Color is RED
Status color coded based on >Apraiseratinglastyr and lessthan orequal Appraisalratingcurrentyer color is Blue(this is sample scenario non )

I need the above output can you please help me on this.

Hi @amruthdna2018

Could you please help to provide sample file with expected output.

I think we have similar solution in another post. Please help to look for this it might help you to achieve your result.

I am uploading another example with sample data .Please find attached file SampleData.xlsx (11.1 KB)

Kindly do needful

Hi @amruthdna2018,

Could you please help to clarify on the below.

SafeSideqty but less than minlot — here you mean CurrentQty>SafeSideqty and CurrentQty< minlot??
If yes then it is not matching with the yellow.


Yes by mistake color got selected…for yello but logic is same…yellor or green some color we need to show may be my data doesnt have required creteria but conditions are as above

Hi @amruthdna2018

You can use the below DAX code to create a measure which will be used to conditional formatting . You can change your condition per your requirement.

ColorcodeValue = 
    SELECTEDVALUE( 'Table'[CurrentQty]) <=SELECTEDVALUE('Table'[Safesideqty]), -1,
    SELECTEDVALUE('Table'[CurrentQty]) >SELECTEDVALUE('Table'[Safesideqty]) && SELECTEDVALUE('Table'[CurrentQty]) < SELECTEDVALUE('Table'[Minlot] ),1

Steps to format:-

  1. Select the table and goto Format.
  2. Select “Conditional Formatting”
  3. Select "Status from the drop down( the column on which you want to do formatting)
  4. Turn On the Background Color
  5. Click on “Advanced Controls”


  1. Have the below setup and click ok.

The output.

Hope this helps you.


Thanks mukesh, I hope it helps me …let me try and come back

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