Changes of measures in more than one pbix file at the same time

Hi everyone,
how is it possible to change measures in more than one pbix file at the same time. I have several PBIX files where I have to make changes to measures.

For example: instead of

Total Sales = Sum(SalesTable [sales_price])
Changed to

Total Sales = SUMX(SalesTable, [Sales_qty]*[sales_price].

It is very cumbersome to open each PBIX file and change the measures in each file individually. Thanks for your help


I don’t think there’s a way to do this fully dynamically, but you can copy groups of measures from one file to another using Tabular Editor. Here’s how to do it:

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Hi @Mario.

It depends on your sharing model:

  • If you’re using the the Power BI Service, and if your reports use the same dataset, then consider an additional “report” that houses the dataset only. You can edit the measure once here and, once this dataset is published to the Power BI Service, you can alter/recreate your various existing PBIX files to use the new dataset (and will thus get the edited measure automatically) from the Power BI Service.
  • If your using the Power BI Report Server or direct file sharing, then you’re out of luck unfortunately.

Regardless, AFAIK there is no quick way and every PBIX will need to be edited.



Hi @Greg, i have test to connect my datasets in the Power BI service from Power BI Desktop but i can not change parameter in the transform data ribbon by this solution.

Hi @Mario. I’m not clear on what you’re asking: are you saying that each report needs its own parameter settings for the connection string? If so, then the reports are actually referring to different datasets, and you’re out of luck. If not, please describe more fully. Greg

Hi @Greg that’s exactly what I mean. Here is a simple mockup Here is an simple mockup