Challenge 5 Newcomer and Non-Member winner

Hi All,

Sorry for the slight delay in announcing the winner of these two categories.

But I can now announce that the first ever winner of the newcomer category is …
@Alvi a great submission all round combining style and and substance a massive congratulations!


The non-member winner is Paul Ross an excellent report with great insight and some awesome tool-tips.


Remember the newcomer category is open to all Power BI users that have been using Power BI for less than a year. All you need to do is when submitting please label if you would like to be considered for this category.

We have decided that you can only win the newcomer category once a bit like ‘Rookie of the year’.

There are some great prizes on offer so be sure to get stuck in.

Any queries questions do not hesitate to shout!



Congrats @Alvi and Paul Ross

Well done!
:clap: :clap: :clap:


Thanks @haroonali1000 for this as it came as a good surprise for me. I am thankful to the entire Enterprise DNA team for this encouragement


Thank you @Melissa!

@Alvi and Paul,

Congratulations! I thought both of these were terrific entries, each with standout elements.

Paul - I was really impressed by how much information you were able to pack into a single page without it looking cluttered, and your innovative use of report tooltips was great.

@alvi - I liked your overall design so much that I’m using it as a model for one of my current work reports. I will be in touch shortly about getting you your prize.

Great work, both and I look forward to seeing your entries for Challenge #6!

  • Brian


Your words carry immense encouragement for relative newbies in the field of data analytics using Power BI. Thank you so much for the kind words and I look forward to learn new things from you and other awesome members of EDNA



Told you I would be surprised if you don’t win!


Thanks @AntrikshSharma for the encouragement!

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@Alvi , Paul Ross


Wow, thanks so much! This was a genuinely unexpected delight :smiley:

And thanks to @Melissa, @BrianJ, and @sunip for the kind words. I’m looking forward very much to joining this awesome community!

Shout out to @sam.mckay , @haroonali1000 , @RWalker , and anybody else involved with putting this challenge together. It really is an exceptional thing that you’re doing here on EDNA - the only Power BI version of something like Tableau’s Makeover Monday that I’ve come across so far. I’ve been “planning on getting around to starting” some sort of public portfolio to showcase what I can do in Power BI for ages, but it was only thanks to being motivated by your challenge that I actually took this first step. Keep up the great work, and bring on Challenge #6!


Hello Paul,

A great introduction by winning and becoming part of the Enterprise DNA community.

Looking forward to seeing more of your work and getting involved in the forum.


Welcome to the Forum!
It’s great to have you here @PaulR

Hope to see more of your work in the challenges :+1:

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Hi Alvi have you got the pbix file so we can learn please?


Congrats Paul. Well done. Love the tool tip. Have given me so many ideas for follow up submissions and also videos.


Well done Alvi as well!

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Great to hear this Paul.

Love the idea of a personal portfolio of Power BI reports.

I’m going to add that to this to the development plan for the Analyst Hub.



Please be sure to check your personal messages about claiming your prize.


  • Brian
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EDNA Challenge 5 - Abu Bakar Alvi.pbix (936.5 KB)

This is the file @ambepat

Looks really great! Congrats @Alvi :smiley:

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