Can someone help me: How to show the last 4 previous Quarters and how to sum the last 5 quarters

Dear all,
Can someone help me with these 2 requests?

We have some Results counting through this function:
Results = if(NOT isinscope(Results[Result (+/-)]) && HASONEVALUE(Results[Result (+/-)]), BLANK(), COUNTROWS(TimestampExportReport) )

At the moment we show only 1 quarter’s Results through the Filter Pane where we select 3 months of that Quarter in the Filter Pane.
We do Current % through current Results in Values where we display %GT

The questions are these:

  1. How to show the previous 4 quarters if we filter only 1 quarter in Filters as we do right now?
  2. How to Sum the 5 quarters?

This is the current situation that we did:

This is what we need, which we have done in excel to explain.

p.s.: We use the Filter Pane because through it the User filter all the Sheets we have by one quarter, but in this sheet, we also need the information for the previous 4 quarters. The user only filters months of one Quarter and then exports to PDF all pages

Thank you in advance.
Results_Test.xlsx (14.3 KB)

@edipgashi Share PBIX.

Hi @edipgashi

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Hello @AntrikshSharma

I am not able to share PBIX, because there is a lot of sensitive data and at the moment it will take me a lot of time to classify only what we need. (my deadline is for tomorrow)

I’m explaining it again, maybe you can understand me:
How to show through calculation the previous 4 quarters even if I have filtered only 1 quarter (3 months) in the Filter Pane… Is there any possibility to do this? Something like Filter(All… from last 4 quarters until filtered quarter (months), and every quarter will be separated in the column.
And the next question is how to Sum all these quarters displayed in only 1 column through DAX.

Maybe now if you see the pictures above you can understand easily my requests.

Thank you

Dear all,

I did one calculation that is showing what I need, in 4 previous quarters but now when I bring a category it disappears although the relationship is fine and works properly.
If I put the same category in the Filter pane, it works well.
Can someone know where the problem should be?

These are the calculations that I did:

This is for the count:
*Total Number = if(NOT isinscope(Results[Result (+/-)]) && HASONEVALUE(Results[Result (+/-)]), BLANK(), COUNTROWS(TimestampExportReport) )

I did a table for only Years and Quarters.

After that, I did this calculation where I put as a filter on the filter pane and everything is good till now:
Flag =
var _max=SELECTEDVALUE(ForSlicer[YearQuarter])
var _min=CALCULATE(MAX(‘ForSlicer’[YearQuarter]),FILTER(ALL(‘ForSlicer’),‘ForSlicer’[Index]=SELECTEDVALUE(ForSlicer[Index])-3))
VAR _yearQuarter =
MAX ( ‘Calendar’[Years] ) * 100
+ MAX (‘Calendar’[Qtr])
return IF(_yearQuarter<=_max &&_yearQuarter>=_min,1,0)

As I said when I put the Category, it disappears the result.

I did this video where you can see it.


Edip EDNA.pbix (574.5 KB)

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@AntrikshSharma will you please tell me how to calculate year quarter number column you use in your Measure on which base calculate last 5 year, because in my data did not have this column i have only year and Quarter and date filed please your urgent response required.

Measure =
VAR SelectedQuarter =
SELECTEDVALUE ( DisconnectedDates[Year Quarter Number] )
VAR PreviousNQuarters =
VALUES ( Dates[Year Quarter Number] ),
Dates[Year Quarter Number] < SelectedQuarter,
Dates[Year Quarter Number] >= SelectedQuarter - 4,
VAR Result =
[Sales Amount],
KEEPFILTERS ( PreviousNQuarters )


Year Quarter Number Sequential = 
YEAR ( Dates[Date] ) * 4 - 1 + QUARTER ( Dates[Date] )
Year Month Number Sequential = 
YEAR ( Dates[Date] ) * 12 - 1 + MONTH ( Dates[Date] )
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Thanks a lot @AntrikshSharma


@AntrikshSharma thanks for helping me . I used same measure(last five year) to calculate last two quarters please tell me who to calculate variance% on these two quarters. i mean in next column i want variance% as well.
Thanks in advance