Calendar Date problem In Date range

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I have small question I created date (calendar) table through (DAX) ; the Maximum date is Until 31 May 2020 (I don’t know why this happened) ?! , do you know how to edit this calendar table to add more dates e.g.: Till Dec 2021 either through (Dax) or power query or any other suggested methods?

Note: I don’t want to re-create the Calendar table I want to edit it , if I re-create it I’ll redo many routines consume time and effort when I redo.

Please share your DAX date table code

Thank you @Melissa
How can i share it?
From where I get the code of creation for the table?

If you select your Calendar table in Data view, you can copy the DAX from the formula bar.
If it’s a Date table designed in Power Query, go to the Advanced editor and copy the M code.

If you have a Date table that you can’t “see” in Data/Model view, you are likely using Auto/DateTime…

Hi @Melissa

I think I’m wrong I didn’t create it in Dax, I create it through power query, Please check the below screen-shot:

Shall I Put the end date to other date e.g.: end of 2021?

Yep set the EndDate as Dec 31st 2021

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Yes thanks to @Melissa

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