Calculating the Churn Rate based on retained and churned customer

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I’m very interested in calculating Customer Life time value (CLTV) form the Cohort analysis showcase available on youtube:

I started creating the needed DAX formulas to calculate (CLTV), For more information about the formulas please refer to this (2) links:
2-For calculate customer life-span:

According to the information of the 2 references links above , I did complete preparing all the ingredients, In order to calculate the Churn Rate%, After calculating the (Retained Customers) and then (Churned Customers) , Churn Rate% = 1-((Retained Customers)/(Churn Customers))

Based on the steps I described above I have some doubts is the calculation of the Churned Rate% steps are correct?

Note: I attached the reource on the following link:

All the calculation measures available on the resources.

Hi @MAAbdullah47
Based on the formula you have provided, you can compute the yearly churn rate simply. Please take a look.

SimpleChurnRate = 
VAR CustomerLastYear = COUNTROWS ( FILTER ( Customers,[Sales LY] > 0 ) ) 
VAR CustBothYears = COUNTROWS ( FILTER ( Customers,[Sales LY] > 0 
&&[Total Sales] > 0 ) ) 

RETURN DIVIDE ( CustBothYears, CustomerLastYear, 0 )

I hope this helps you



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First Thank you @diego for your solution, it works , But I need to know why this important measure didn’t mentioned by Sam in the Cohort Analysis summit, I belive it is the most Important one , this a note I hope Sam take it as a suggestion.

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I did On your post I checked the solution box is that enough?


Thanks for marking it as the solution. That’s all that was needed.


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