Calculating an Average of a Measure

I have created a measure that calculates the time lapsed between a customer purchase using DATEDIFF formula. I now want to write a measure that will return the TOTAL average of all customers. IN essence I want to know the overall average of all the averages.

you would want to use AveargeX to iterate over your customers table, with your average measure as the expression. Would be easier to show if you can upload your pbix file

it says the file is too big

How can i share the file. The AVGX formula did not work. it returns a value of zero.

Have you had a chance to review many of the videos and tutorials on AVERAGEX?

Using AVERAGEX is a very efficient way to complete any averaging in Power BI. Highly recommend understanding this function well.

See here for some initial theory on AVERAGEX

Here’s another good tutorial to review

Also for tips on adding a pbix file in the forum see here

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