Calculate the number of occurance of a value in a column

Hi guys,

Hope you can help me out with this inquiry.

I´m trying to calculate the number of times a value is repeated in a column.

I´m currently working with Survey Data (A Huge Mess), I had to modify all the answer (Text Values) to numbers in Power Query before uploading them into the Data Model.

Any guidance on how to analyze only test data from a survey will be greatly appreciated.




Try this:

   COUNTROWS( Table ),
   Table[Column] = x

Where x is the value you want to count.

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Hi @BrianJ,

Thanks for the fast response.

Yes, the above formula it does count the number of times a Values is repeated.

On the other hand, is there another way of getting this exact result without using a table measure, let´s say at a column level?

The table that I´m filtering is Big and I don´t know if evaluating time is going to be long due to the table.

Thanks for the feedback!


Hi @Yeriel,

That’s kinda a trick question because all DAX measures work on tables… however you can replace the table reference with a virtual one look into SELECTCOLUMNS to extract the column you need. The pattern provided by @BrianJ remains the same although you can only use a naked column reference when using virtual tables for the filter condition.

I hope this is helpful.


Hi @Melissa!

Let me try out with this measure instead :wink:.

As always, an excellent Enterprise community!!


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