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Beginning Backlog Calculation with Non-Standard Calendar (445)

Hi everyone,
I’m working to solve and populate a quarterly schedule for ending balance by week with also utilizes a non standard calendar (445) Essentially, the last day of the quarter’s revenue is called “Beginning Backlog” for the next quarter. This beginning backlog is separated out in the quarterly/week schedule. Below is a sample a screenshot of what it should look like:


In this example, the last day of Q4 2020 was Jan 2, 2021. The beginning backlog should be around $52.5M. and be reflected in the Beginning Backlog row but instead it appears on the 14th week of the quarter. Attached is a sample file.

I am looking for the correct dax formula to populate the week table for their corresponding figures for week and begging backlog balance which is the last day from the previous quarter. Any ideas?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Weekly-Quarterly Revenues_Sample_v3.pbix (6.5 MB)

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