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Advanced Table Functions: GROUPBY
DAX Calculations - Advanced DAX
Using ALLEXCEPT To Stop Cumulative Total From Resetting - DAX Solution
Want grand total of average function to be a sum not an average
How To Use The GROUPBY Function In Power BI - DAX Function Review
Customer Cohort Analysis
Adding a slicer based on Measure
Elapsed Working Hours (different per country) excluding weekends
Customer Engagement Analysis
DAX Patterns Intro
Cost Variance vs Average for a FY
Visuals Blank after Power Bi Refresh
How To Add Button Interactivity In Your Power BI Reports
Advanced RANKX - How To Understand This Function More Deeply
How To Create Unique Subtotals In Power BI Tables Using DAX
Cluster Analysis Visualization Techniques For Power BI - Power BI Review
Conditional Formatting For Chart Visuals In Power BI - What's Possible?
How And When To Use COMBINEVALUES In Power BI - DAX Function Review
How To Use Iterating Functions To Solve Total Issues In Power BI - DAX Concepts
Why Using Variables Is A Better Way To Write DAX Measures - Power BI Admin
Show Cumulative Totals Unaffected By Date Slicer Selection In Power BI
Calculate Days Of Zero Stock - Inventory Management Insights w/Power BI
Revenue Forecast Techniques For Project Data - Power BI Insights w/DAX
Calculate Total CRM Forecasts From Today Until End Of Month - DAX Insights
Actuals vs Budgets - Comparison Insights w/Power BI
Calculating Dynamic % Of Total Changes - Power BI Analysis w/DAX
Using The Performance Analyzer In Power BI - Model Optimization Tips
Calculating Staff Turnover In Power BI Using DAX - HR Insights
Dynamically Group Receivables Based On When Cash Is Expected - Power
Custom Conditional Formatting For Power BI Tables
Time Based Cohort Analysis - How To Setup Your Data Model In Power BI
Calculating cumulative weekly average demand
Display Value based on two different slicers selection
How To Use Virtual Tables With COUNTROWS in Power BI - DAX Formula Technique
Create Unique Table Template Designs Within Power BI - Power BI &
Calculate A Rolling Average In Power BI Using DAX
How To Create A Dynamic Headings In Power BI Using DAX
Advanced RANKX - How To Understand This Function More Deeply
The Main Difference Between ALL And ALLSELECTED - Power BI & DAX
Highlight The Last Or Current Period In Your Power BI Visuals Using DAX
Calculating The Previous High Dynamically In Power BI Using DAX
When To Use TOPN In Power BI - DAX Formula Review
Inventory Management Development
Segment Data Based On Percentage Groups - Advanced DAX In Power BI
Report Design And App Navigation: Wrap Up And Last Tips
Creating A Report Navigation Using Unique Icons And Bookmarks
Colour Palette & Best Practice Visualization Techniques
Simple Visualization Tips
Ranking Formula Techniques
Unique DAX Formula Combinations
Bring It All Together Showcasing Key Revenue Insights
DAX Formula Implementation
Dynamic Visualization Techniques
Visualization Options
Advanced Dynamic Grouping Modelling And Formula Techniques
Initial DAX Formula Requirements
Modelling Considerations
Reviewing Receivable Reconciliations
Creating Visuals When Dealing With -Ve Numbers
Breaking Out Key Summary Lines Into New Tables
Utilizing Switch/True Formula Techniques
Calculating The Correct Summary Totals
Creating Initial DAX Functions For Report Breakdown
Creating Summary Table Of Key Financial Ratios
Dealing With Unique Table Designs And Summary Calculations
Using Switch/True Logic For Template Design
Calculating Subtotal Amounts
Managing Data At Different Granularities
Other Template Calculation Possibilities
Time Comparison Calculations
Options For Template Designs And Visuals
Overlay Main DAX Formula Combination To Template Design
Embedding Financial Template Design Into Report Page
Creating Rollup Subtotals Calculations
Dealing With +Ve/-Ve Numbers
Initial DAX Calculations
Creating The First Dax Formulas For Your Model
Organizing Your Model Well
Integrating Tables Together
Developing Your Data Model & Creating The Right Relationships
Financial Reporting Data Structure Tips
Query Editor Clean Ups And Transformations
Bringing Data Into Your Model
Planning Your Data Model
Power BI Model And Raw Data Review
Course Introduction: Financial Reporting W/Power BI
Dynamic Ranked Lists
Customer Attrition
Advanced Power Bi Analytical Techniques - Pareto Rule
Secondary Table Logic
Threshold Triggers & Breaches
Customer Segmentation
Pattern Recognition
Cross-Sell Opportunities
Outlier Detection
Cluster Analysis
Anomaly Detection
Running Sensitivities On Multiple Scenarios
How To Visualize Scenario Analysis Results
Solving For The Most Optimal Outcome
Iterating Through Numerous Scenarios
Scenario Sequencing - Maintain A Table Of Scenarios And Integrate All Values
Running Multiple Scenarios At One Time
Combining The Power Of The Data Model With Scenario Analysis
Extending & Branching Out Scenario Analysis
Comparing Scenarios To Budgets Or Forecasts
Project Numbers Forward Using New Tables Of Data
Project Numbers Forward With Time Intelligence Dax Techniques
Representing Changes To Your Variables
Integrating 'What If' Parameters
Nuances Of Setting Up DAX Measures
How To Really Predict The Future With Scenario Analysis Techniques
How To Implement It With 'What If' Parameters
Thinking Analytically About What You Want To Acheive
What Is Scenario Analysis?
How To Reduce The File Size Of Your Models
How You Can Improve Your Models
Active Vs Inactive Relationships
Multi Layered Models
Adding Dimensions To Lookup Tables
Scenario Tables ('What If' Parameters)
Supporting Tables
Intermediary Tables
Measure Tables / Groups
What To Do If You Don'T Have A Lookup Table
Setting Up Complex Models
Best Practice Tips For Setting Up The Data Model
What Are We Trying To Achieve With The Data Model?
Bringing Advanced Transformations Together
Custom FunctionsCustom Functions
Creating And Using Parameters
Custom & Conditional Columns
Columns From Examples
Unpivoting Your Tables
Merging Or Joining Your Queries
Appending Queries
Referencing & Duplicating Queries
Staging Queries
Creating And Modifying A Date Table
Filtering Tables For Unrequired Data
Row Transformations
How To Fix Things If They Fall Over In Here
How To Bring In Data To The Query Editor
Management Dashboard Intro
Scenario Analysis Development
Retail Sites Intro
Inventory Management Intro
Relative Distinct Counts Explained
Column Transformations
How To Organize The Query Editor Well
Understanding M Code
Tips And Techniques To Work Through In The Query Editor
What'S Possible With The Query Editor
Why You Always Need To Use The Query Editor
My Best Practice Tips For The Query Editor & Data Model
Insurance Applications Development
Insurance Applications Intro
Employee Insights Development
Employee Insights Intro
Management Dashboard Development
Scenario Analysis Intro
Retail Sites Development
Customer Deep Dive Development
Customer Deep Dive Intro
Consumer Goods Sales Development
Consumer Good Sales Intro
Dashboarding & Data Visualization Intensive: How To Approach
How To Create A Colour Palette That Wows Fast
My Visualisation Guide And Best Practices
Introduction To Dashboarding & Data Visualization Intensive
Fixing Errors With Parameter Tables
Extending Parameter Tables
Introduction To Parameter Tables
Extending Forecasting Models
Introduction To Forecasting
Extending Budgeting Models
Introduction To Budgeting
Sales And Orders In Progress
Dynamically Group Customers By Ranking
Dynamic Grouping Via Support Tables
Grouping Via Lookup Table Logic
Grouping Via Calculated Columns
Time Intelligence - Using Dateadd
Percentage Change On Prior Period
Time Intelligence - Measure Branching
Time Intelligence Aggregations
Cumulative Totals - Measure Branching
Cumulative Totals - ALLSELECTED
Cumulative Totals - ALL
Re-Using The Moving Averages Pattern
Moving Averages - Simple
Percent Of Total - Context Considerations
Percent Of Total - Simple
Table Functions: ALL
Calculate Filter problem
Visual showing Months before and after dates within my fact table
Calculate Function
Table Functions
Iteration Functions
Aggregation Functions
DAX Function Types
How To Understand DAX
Top 5 and Bottom 5 Product within categories
Top 5 and Bottom 5 Product within each categories
Power BI Desktop Features Explained
Key Components Of Power BI
Creating a Custom Sort Order for Month Due to Financial Years
Calculate A Monthly Moving Average Year To Date (YTD) in Power BI Using DAX
How To Use Options Within Bookmarks in Power BI
Creating Measure Tables & Organizing Measure in Subfolders In Power BI
Using Bookmarks To Change Views On The Report Page In Power BI
Showing Last Refresh Date/Time In Power BI Reports
What Is A Data Model?
Power BI Online Service Features Explained
Where Has Power BI Come From?
Current Pricing And Purchasing Considerations
Iterating Functions Deep Dive - SUMX, AVERAGEX, MINX, MAXX
Calculate The Occupancy Days Per Month In Power BI Using DAX
How To Manage Multiple Date Calculations In Your Fact Tables - Advanced Power BI
Calculate The Last Or Max Value Within A Table Of Data Using DAX In Power BI
Cumulative Totals Only Up To Specific Dates - DAX Tutorial For Power BI
Grouping Results Based On Performance vs Benchmarks - Power BI & DAX
Cross Selling Matrix Deep Dive - Power BI & DAX Tutorial
Showcasing Growth Performance Effectively In Power BI - Advanced DAX
How To Create Compelling Colour Palettes In Power BI
Power BI Report Design Tips And Best Practices
How To Setup Application Like Reports - Power BI Reporting Techniques
Reporting Templates Expanded - Power BI Visualization Concepts
Visualization Tips For Key Business Performance Indicators & Trends -
Show Actual Results vs Targets Only To Last Sales Date - DAX Cumulative Totals
Budgeting Performance Segmentation - Analytical Technique For Power BI Using DAX
Different Ways You Can Use The TOPN Function - DAX In Power BI
Dynamic Date Range Slicer Using A Period Table For Your Power BI Report
Creating A Dynamic Stock Quote App Fast In Power BI
The Best Power BI Custom Visual You've Never Heard Of
Expand Your Creative Mind To What's Possible With Power BI Reports
What Can You Do With Iterating Formulas In Power BI - DAX Review
Implement Cohort Analysis Within Power BI - Advanced DAX Concepts
Automated & Dynamic Financial Reporting w/Power BI
How And When To Use PARALLELPERIOD In Power BI - DAX Function Review
Monthly Budgeting Sensitivity Table Allocations - Power BI & DAX Analysis
Showcase Movement Within Custom Segments Through Time - Advanced Power BI
Show Difference To Forecast Up To Last Sale Date Only - DAX Technique In
Allocating Results To Pre-Determined Templates - Fnancial Analysis In Power BI
Who Are The Lost Customers - Advanced Analytics With Power BI & DAX
How To Download Latest Exchange Rates Into Your Power BI Model
Reviewing Customer Performance Over Time - Power BI Insights
How Does Sensitivity Analysis Work In Power BI - DAX Analytical Techniques
Profit Prediction Techniques in Power BI - Scenario Analysis w/DAX
Re-Using Moving Averages - Power BI & DAX Trend Analysis Technique
Creating Compelling Dashboards With High Quality Insights In Power BI
Creating Great Color Palettes for Power BI - Data Visualization Tips
Allocating Detailed Monthly Budgets Or Forecasts In Power BI Using DAX
Cumulative Totals Deep Dive - Power BI & DAX Formula Review
Integrated Financial Reporting - Power BI Techniques For Accounting & Finance
Best Practice Tips For Organizing Your Power BI Models
Procurement Insights Report Development
Insurance Complaints Reporting Application
Analyst Hub Is Live! - Jump In Now And Try It Out
When And How To Use The EARLIER Function In Power BI - DAX Concepts
Calculate A Reverse Cumulative Total In Power BI Using DAX
How To Add Or Overlay Tooltips To Any Area Within A Power BI Report
Grouping Bookmarks by Report Page in Power BI
Share Your Ideas With Us And Drive The Direction Of The Analyst Hub
Optimized alternative to Maxx (Summarize)
Aged Trial Balance Grouping Examples In Power BI - Business Analytics With DAX
How To Create Tables Combining UNION & ROW Function - Power BI & DAX
Creating Virtual Relationships Using TREATAS - Advanced Power BI Technique
How To Calculate A Cumulative Run Rate In Power BI Using DAX
Showcase The Top Result Name Within A Card Visualization - Power BI Technique
Calculate The Total Of Average Results In Power BI Using DAX
Calculate The MEDIAN Value In Power BI - Statistical Analysis w/DAX
Placing Workday and Weekend Day Numbers Into The Date Table - Power BI Time
Show Last N Sales Of A Customer Only - Advanced DAX Technique Using TOPN
Show Days Before Or After A Selected Date -Advanced Power BI Visual Techniques
Dealing With Products That Have Changing Prices - Power BI Analytical
Normalizing Results On Different Days - Time Related Analysis In Power BI
Normalizing Results On Different Days - Time Related Analysis In Power BI Using
Using SWITCH True Logic In Power BI - DAX Concepts
Dynamically Drill Into Your Top 20% Of Customers - Power BI & DAX Technique
Evaluating New Customer Sales - Advanced Analytics in Power BI
How Many New Customers Do You Have Each Month - Advanced Power BI Analytics
Data Setup Tips For Financial Reporting - Power BI
Creating PnL Statements In Power BI - Financial Reporting Example
What Is The First Product A Customer Purchased? - Power BI Analytics
Developing A Superior Navigation Experience For Your Power BI Reports
How Many Customers Have Multiple Product Purchases - Power BI & DAX Analytics
Break Out Outliers & Analyze Over Time - Advanced DAX Concepts
How To Use The INTERSECT Function - Power BI & DAX Tutorial
Dynamic Results vs Budgets & Last Year - Power BI Financial Reporting Techniques
Project A Current Trend Forward Repeatedly - Forecasting Techniques, Power BI
Find Weekday & Weekend Day Numbers Within Months - Advanced DAX
Compare Current Sales To Previous Best Month - Advanced Time Intelligence In
When To Use The CALCULATABLE Function - DAX Function Techniques
How To Use The TREATAS Function - Power BI & DAX
Create An Entirely Dynamic Report In Power BI - Advanced Visualization Technique
Shape Map Visualization - Power BI Visual Techniques
Create Background Design Plates For Your Power BI Reports
How To Get Custom Icons Into Your Power BI Reports
Analytics Function For Power BI Scatter Charts Review
Designing Reports For Mobile Devices..Use This Feature in Power BI
Data Bars in Table Visualizations - Significant Viz Update in Power BI
Changing The Interactions of Your Visuals in Power BI
Developing Compelling Power BI Reports & Dashboards - Power BI & DAX
Visual Examples For Showcasing Sales Performance In Power BI
Considerations For Dark Backgrounds In Power BI Reports
Multi Measure Dynamic Visuals - Data Viz Technique In Power BI
Creating Dynamic Commentary in Power BI
Develop Compelling Visualizations Using Filter Fields & Visual Interactions in
Grouping & Segmenting Your Data With DAX Measure Logic
Detailed Banding & Segmenting Example in Power BI using DAX
Multi Threaded Dynamic Visuals in Power BI - Advanced Power BI and DAX
Cumulative Totals Across Averages & Dynamic Date Logic - Advanced DAX
Fixing Complex Total Errors - DAX Formula Concepts
Create Cumulative Totals, No Date, No Index - Advanced DAX Techniques in Power
Create Custom Dynamic Groups In Power BI - Advanced DAX
Dynamic Ranking Tables In Power BI - DAX Formula Review (RANKX)
Dynamically Change Size Of Visual Based On Ranking Selection in Power BI using
Combining Dynamic Grouping With Additional Ranking Logic with DAX
Understanding Anomalies with DAX in Power BI - Analytical Technique
Secondary Table Logic Inside Of Power BI Using DAX
Getting Started With 'What If' Paramaters - Scenario Analysis Techniques
Segmenting Dimensions Based On Ranking w/DAX in Power BI
Isolate Your Top Salespeople For Growth In Margins - Power BI & DAX
Threshold Triggers in Power BI using DAX - Advanced Technique
Create Dynamic Visuals Based on Ranking in Power BI wDAX
How To Discover Clusters In Your Datasets Using DAX in Power BI
Find Patterns In Your Data With Internal Logic using Power BI & DAX
Predict Profitability For Future Time Periods - DAX & Power BI
'What If' Sensitivity Analysis in Power BI using DAX - Advanced Technique
Run Scenarios On Changes To Your Average Order Size in Power BI w/DAX
Layering Multiple 'What If' Scenarios In Power BI - Advanced DAX Concepts
Extending Layered Scenario Analysis Techniques - Advanced DAX & Power BI
Complex 'What If' Analysis Example In Power BI Using DAX
Sensitivity Analysis In Power BI Using DAX
Multi-Layered Scenario Analysis using DAX in Power BI
Compare One Sale Versus The Last Sale (No Time Intelligence) - Advanced DAX
Showcasing Deviations Effectively In Power BI - Analytical Techniques
Calculating Averages Per Transaction Using DAX in Power BI
What's The Most Common Behaviour From Customers - DAX in Power BI
Detect Abnormal Patterns In Behaviour Using DAX In Power BI
What's Causing The Change - Power BI & DAX Techniques
Predict When Customers Will Purchase Next - Advanced Power BI & DAX
How To Create A Detailed Date Table in Power BI Fast
Outlier Detection & Visualization in Power BI - Advanced DAX
Calculating Average Monthly Purchases in Power BI using DAX
Review Of The New Power BI Feature - Quick Measures
How To Use Variables in DAX Formula with Power BI
Scale Your Power BI Reporting with Row Level Security
How to Create Virtual Groups & New Dimensions Fast in Power BI
3 Best Practice Tips For Organizing Your Power BI Models
Query Parameter Example in Power BI - Query Editor Tutorial
Evaluating Cross Selling Opportunities With DAX In Power BI - Advanced
Identify Which Customers Are Purchasing Behind Trend in Power BI w/DAX
Testing The Pareto Principle (80/20 Rule) in Power BI wDAX
Calculating New & Existing Customer Sales Using DAX in Power BI - Advanced DAX
Discover Which Custom Groups Contribute The Most To Profit in Power BI w/DAX
Advanced DAX - Show Percentage Sales Per Custom Group Each Year In Power BI
How To Calculate Averages per Day in Power BI with DAX
Analyze Margin Changes Over Time - Analytics w/Power BI & DAX
Filtering By Fiscal Or Financial Year Months & Quarters In Power BI
How Much Profit Are We Missing Out On - Power BI Insights
Which Customer Groups Experienced The Greatest Growth - Power BI & DAX
Did Margins Expand As Revenue Grew - Power BI & DAX Critical Analysis
Estimating Future Product Demand In Power BI Using DAX
How Many Unique Products A Customer Bought - Power BI Using DAX
Discover Top Salespeople Contribution To All Sales in Power BI w/DAX
Learn Where Your Profit Comes From Fast in Power BI w/Simple DAX
Was Revenue Growth Profitable - Analysis In Power BI w/DAX
Analyse Procurement Purchasing Decisions in Power BI using DAX
Find Your Top 3 Salespeople Per Region Automatically in Power BI using DAX
Find Lists Of Your Top Clients Across Different Measures w/DAX in Power BI
Find How Many Customers You Sell To Through Time in Power BI wDAX
Prevent YTD, QTD, MTD Results Projecting Forward - DAX Techniques in Power BI
Show MTD, QTD & YTD Calculations To Current Date in Power BI wDAX
Aging segmentation help
Tornado Chart / Clustered Bar Data Labels
Explore Which Customers Margins Have Contracted in Power BI w/DAX
Discover Your Top Products Per Region in Power BI w/DAX
Inventory Management Solution using Power BI
Compare Stock On Hold To Recent Sales - Inventory Management in Power BI
Discover The Best Selling Day For Your Products w/DAX in Power BI
Dealing with Multiple Currencies in Power BI using DAX - Updated Version
Handling Multiple Currencies in Power BI wDAX
Find Your Top Customers Through Time Using RANKX in Power BI wDAX
Answer If Margins Are Expanding or Contracting Through Time With Power BI
How To Track Sales Trends Through Time in Power BI using DAX
Solving in Power BI Which Products Have Contributed Most to Profit Growth using
How To Sort Date Dimensions By Custom Financial Years in Power BI
Calculating % Profit Margins in Power BI wDAX
Showcasing Trends Using Moving Average Techniques In Power BI
Quarter On Quarter Sales Trends In Power BI - DAX Formula
How To Create Custom Financial Year Quarters - Power BI
Calculate Transactions In Last N Days in Power BI Using DAX
Compare Time Periods With Non Standard Date Tables - DAX & Power BI
Year To Date Sales For Non Standard Calendar Tables - DAX in Power BI
Calculate Previous Weeks Sales - Advanced DAX in Power BI
Calculating Month On Month Change - Custom (445) Calendars, Power BI & DAX
Handling Weekday vs Weekend Dates in Power BI using DAX
Calculating Running Totals in Power BI Using DAX
Calculate Amounts Sold Between Two Dates In Power BI wDAX
Calculating Averages per Weekdays wDAX in Power BI
Comparing Actual vs Budget vs Last Year Results in Power BI wDAX
Dynamically Compare Monthly Information Cumulatively in Power BI wDAX
Handling Multiple Dates in Power BI with DAX
Calculate Difference This Year vs Last Year in Power BI with DAX
Calculating Sales Financial Year to Date in Power BI with DAX
'What If' Parameter Feature Review - Power BI & DAX
Reviewing The Huge Potential Of The Q&A Feature In Power BI
Best Practice Tips For Using The Advanced Editor - Power BI
What Is Measure Branching - Power BI Development Strategy
The DATEADD Function - The Best and Most Versatile Time Intelligence Function in
Advanced Product Budgeting Analysis - Power BI & DAX Techniques
Showcasing Budgets Cumulatively In Power BI - Advanced DAX Formula
Create and Set Budgets Automatically In Power BI Using DAX
Create Automatic Forecasts From Historic Data in Power BI using DAX
Dealing With Seasonal Budget Allocations in Power BI - Advanced DAX
Evaluating How You Can Make Budget - Power BI & DAX Scenarios
Budgeting Examples in Power BI using DAX
Advanced Forecasting Logic in Power BI with DAX
Advanced Forward Forecasting Techniques in Power BI with DAX
RANKX Considerations - Power BI & DAX Formula Concepts
Using The AVERAGEX Function - DAX Tutorial & Examples
Using LASTNONBLANK in Power BI - DAX Function Deep Dive
Using The CROSSJOIN Function In Power BI - DAX Concepts
Using ALLSELECTED - DAX Formula Concepts In Power BI
Showcasing Top or Bottom Results Using Ranking Techniques - Power BI
When & How to Use TOPN in Power BI - DAX Function Tutorial
Comparing Performance Using The ALL Function - Power BI & DAX
How to Use The ALL function in Power BI & DAX
Harvest Power BI Slicer Selections To Use With Other Measures - Advanced DAX
Why Measure Groups In Power BI Are So Important
How To Use Natural Language Query (Q&A) In Power BI - Detailed Review
Analytics Function For Power BI Scatter Charts Review
Goals for this training
Goals for this training
Why reporting in Power BI is better than in excel
Power BI explained
The essential way to source data for Power BI
Sage Connector V50
Why you are now building analytical solutions
Resources we will be using in this course
4 Pillars of high quality Power BI solutions
Making sure data types are correct
Create groups for your queries
Data accuracy statistic
Getting Updated Last Refresh Date/Time In Power BI
What is the query editor?
Fundamentals of using the query data
Querying multiple data sources in the same model
Best practices for transforming data in the query editor
Row & Column transformations
What is 'M' and why do you need to have an understanding
Query dependencies
Importance of date tables
Introduction to the importance of the data model
Where to manage relationships for your data model
Understanding what types of tables you have & setup techniques
Setting up relationships in your models
Difference between active and inactive relationships
Building out additional dimensions in your data
DAX explained & key techniques to learning it
Getting started & naming conventions tips
Calculated columns versus measures
Creating a measure table & organising your measures
Context! - What is this?
Evaluation (initial) context
Aggregating formulas or filter context
Iterating formula or row context
Building measures on measures (measure branching)
CALCULATE function - the most important function in DAX
Developing visualizations in Power BI
How to publish your data to the web
Power BI service explained
The Art Of Storytelling In Data Analytics With Alex Badiu
Main table functions
Calculate number of customer with special condition
Simple Time Intelligence functions
More advanced DAX formula examples
What you can achieve if you learn DAX well
How to create colour themes for your reports
Dynamic currency conversion + context + YTD
Design best practice tips
Visualization and report formatting
Managing interactions between visuals
Additional filtering across your reports
Analytics automation features
Importing custom visuals
Apps & Workspaces explained
Reports vs Dashboards
Q+A feature in-depth
Admin settings within the online service
Enterprise architecture recommendations for Power BI
Develop Power BI desktop templates to scale reporting requirements
The Microsoft Power Platform
Why Power BI is going to be huge!
Email subscriptions, comments and other compelling features
Row level security
DAX Total Issue Within Predicting Results Showcase - How I Fixed It
Detecting & Showcasing Outliers in Power BI - Full Workshop Replay
Understanding the CALCULATE function - DAX in Power BI
Customer Trend Analysis in Power BI Using DAX
My biggest tip for members currently sits in this tutorial
Compare One Sale Versus The Last Sale (No Time Intelligence) - Advanced DAX Insights
Where Are Your Best Sales By Product? Advanced Analytics with Power BI
SWITCH True Logic Explained
Update to Multiple Currencies Management in Power BI – Advanced DAX
Syntax, Comments & Variables For DAX Formulas - Power BI
Create Automated Lists Based On Ranking Calculations in Power BI
What Is Measure Branching? - Power BI Development Strategy
New vs Existing Customers – Advanced Analytics w/DAX
Managing Seasonality in Budgeting Analysis – Advanced Power BI
Latest end to end demo up on Enterprise DNA TV
What you will learn during the next Enterprise DNA Learning Summit
Discovering Advanced Insights w/Power BI - Enterprise DNA Webinar Series
Unique Dax grand total incorrect
Ranking functions: RANKX
Ranking functions: TOPN
Practical examples for using ranking functions
This is where the measure branching methodology really shines
Compare multiple quarterly sales on each other
Using virtual tables with COUNTROWS
Budgeting allocation algorithm
Fixing errors with your totals efficiently
Course resource pack download
What is DAX & how to learn to master it?
How does USERELATIONSHIP compare?
Creating virtual relationships: TREATAS
When to create virtual vs physical relationships?
Using variables to clean up multiple measures
Using table variables to simplify ultimate formulas
Understanding how variables are evaluated
Practical examples using time intelligence functions
Aggregations - YTD, QTD, MTD
The best time comparison function - DATEADD
Why you must have a date table?
What are time intelligence functions?
Simple and advanced filters with CALCULATE using FILTER function
How are formula calculated when you involve CALCULATE?
What can you do when you use CALCULATE?
Why do you even have to use CALCULATE? (It's all about CONTEXT!)
Why CALCULATE is important?
RELATED function
Working with one table versus many tables
How filter and row context work with relationships
ALLSELECTED requires a deeper understanding
All & allexcept
ALL function - the remove filters function
The versatile VALUES function
Simple Table Functions: FILTER
What are table functions? (think of virtual tables!)
Logical Functions - IF / SWITCH
The Rise of Self-Service Business Intelligence with Alex Moy
About the Problem Of The Week category
Problems with Merging two tables by UK Post Code
Other Function Types - Information, Text, Conversion, Date & Time, Boolean
DIVIDE function
How to use combinations of DAX functions
Measure branching methodology
Iteration Functions - SUMX/AVERAGEX/MINX/MAXX
Aggregation Functions - SUM/AVERAGE/MIN/MAX
Getting started with DAX: DAX function types
How the data models interates w/DAX (filter propagation)
Understand context in calculated columns (context transition)
Iterations or row context
Aggregations or filter context
Evaluation or initial context
Understanding context & how the DAX calculation engine works
Calculated columns vs measures
The only way to learn is to practice
DAX doesn't work unless your data model and relationships are setup correctly
Quick measure feature (positives vs negatives)
Writing comments in your code
Using variables to simplify formulas
Aging report visualization
Filtering a table of values by 3 separate column values
Formatting DAX code
Introduction to DAX: Measure groups
Introduction to DAX: Formula syntax
The importance of naming conventions
Data types and operators
How to manipulate virtual tables using table functions
Advanced Table functions: ADDCOLUMNS
Advanced Table Functions: SUMMARIZE
You can also combine table functions together
Advanced Table Functions: CROSSJOIN
Advanced Table Functions: ROW
Advanced Table Functions: UNION
Advanced Table Functions: CALCULATETABLE
Intersect & except
Advanced Table Functions: GENERATE
Aggregate values into calendar based upon start date and duration
Automatic Change of Column Width
EARLIER function
Cash Flow reporting--Help! Help!
Help with dax in a matrix
Dynamic Segmentation With Dynamic Parameters - Advanced Power BI & DAX
Why Your Total Is Incorrect In Power BI - The Key DAX Concept To Understand
SUM vs SUMX - What's The Real Difference Between These DAX Measures
Calculating Dynamic Profits Margins - Easy Power BI Analysis w/DAX
A Review Of Common Time Patterns To Use In Power BI - DAX Formula Review
Who Is Our Top Purchasing Customer Per Product? - Power BI Analysis
How To Segment Your Data Based On Any Measure In Power BI Using DAX
Create A Pareto Chart In Power BI Using DAX Function Combinations
How To Organize The Power BI Online Service For Maximum Impact
Creating Business Themed Dashboards Using The Power BI Online Service
Imagine the Possibilities of Data Products with Power BI
Creating a Data Culture Using Power BI with Brian Julius
About the Analyst Hub Updates category
Week Level Data
Data Sparsing based on Specific Keywords
Join Two rows together and return a conditional Keep
Stock Aging and FIFO Valuation
Combine Worksheets in a Workbook
Calculating cumulative sales last quarter
Current Year based on Boolean Value
Video: Top 3 Salespeople per Region
Amazon Merchant Web Services (MWS) Seller Central
Displaying Sequential Months with multiples years
Calculate team head performance
Amplitude Analytics to Power Bi - Write DAX Formula to count number of Users with certain events
Speed Issues in Financial matrix - Follow on from solved issue on variables
Calculating Monthly Revenue per group per product per schedule
Cohort % of total by periods
Problem with changing the type of date needed for incremental refresh
Budget, Actuals and Forecast
Showing revenue at benchmark stores per date
Complex Overlay Filters
Banded column shading - Using Conditional Formatting?
Calculate stock in hand compared with last year sales
Count unique customers in a status position given Start Date and End Date
About the Geospatial Analysis category
Speed Issues in Financial matrix - Follow on from solved issue on variables
Dealing With Mulitple IF Statements In Power BI Using DAX
Combining Table Functions To Optimize Formulas In Power BI - DAX Technique
Showcase Insights Using The Multi Threaded Dynamic Visuals Technique In Power BI
Simple Visualization Tips & Techniques For Your Reports In Power BI
How To Break Out Large Tables Into Multiple Tables And Build A Model - Power BI Tips
How To Compare Two Lists Of Calculated Data Virtually - Advanced DAX Technique
Financial Report Templates
Cumulative totals to a specific date
Introduction To Ultimate Beginners Guide To Power BI
Resources Explained
Data scenario explained
Query editor explained
Simple transformations
Creating a date table
Organising your queries
Advanced transformations
What is data modeling?
Relationships between tables
DAX Calculations - What is DAX?
DAX Calculations - Measure groups
Simple measures
Measure branching
Visualisation options
Colour & Themes
Custom visuals in Power BI
Visualisation best practices
Publish to online service
Dashboards & Apps
Natural language query
Distribution features
Enterprise DNA Membership
How to utilise Enterprise DNA content
Course wrap up - Thanks!
Dynamic Ranking Matrix (by rows and columns)
Rank with Partition on different columns in Dax Query not working
Power BI - Can I keep the original filter criteria after table interaction
FX Transalation Financial Reporting
Cumulative Totals Not Working-
Count Open Cases
Financial Dashboards
Add currently selected slicer selection to calculated table
Average days per month / transaction for a forecast
Accumulated Cash Flow DAX problem
Ranking members within group
Factless fact tables
DAX measure - sum between two dates selected in the slicer
New Customers in a given period
Course Completion Certificates Now Available At Enterprise DNA Online
Announcing Our New Community Feature - Enterprise DNA Ecosystems
Earn A Membership Program Spotlight
Updated Mastering DAX Calculations Course Now Officially Launched
Ways To Collaborate And Earn With Enterprise DNA
Three New Power BI Showcases Available at Enterprise DNA
Introducing Edna 1.0 Our New Educational Chat Bot
The Analyst Cloud Is Now Completely Free For Employers
Check out the Enterprise DNA Knowledge Base
Brand New Refreshed Content For The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Power BI
Complete Refresh For Ultimate Beginners Guide To DAX
Meet the Enterprise DNA Experts
How Can We Improve Our Ecosystems Functionality?
Power BI Workshop Announcement – Brand New Course Upgrade
DAX Balance Sheet Include Closing Balance
PYTD Measure with Custom Fiscal (4-4-5) Calendar
Help with Selective Application of What-If Parameters
How to have cumulative total stop showing/repeating after reaching max cumulative total?
Use of Power BI in Investment Banking or Fund Accounting
How to get previous month in power BI
DAX Clean Up tool - now up on website....try it out!
Perfect way to format and now showcase your DAX formulas
What would the ultimate virtual Power BI training event look like?
4-4-5 Fiscal Year Calendar
Covid-19 - Calender setup for Pre-Post Lockdown analysis
Line & Stacked Column line not updating
Using Two Date Tables To Do Analysis
Importing data with new columns in power query
Simulating an Epidemic using Python in Power BI
Grand Totals numbers not correct
Last 4 weeks sales (or months) for each week (or month)
Visualize virtual tables
Sum of cumulative measure
Line Chart with fixed axis scales and increments?
Calculating First Year Sales - with pics this time!
Make different matrices dynamic
Time Intelligence Help - Previous MTD till Current Date
Error Messages - When Refreshing
Error Messages - When Refreshing
Mailchimp Intregration and Automation
How to make the different matrices dynamic?
Fun project: Latest Topics on the Enterprise DNA Forum
Help on Dax logic affecting only for one context value not impacting others
Assistance with Current Staff Calculations
Basket Analysis with Support, Confidence and Lift
Custom Fiscal Calendar and Previous YTD
Call Center Insights w/Power BI - latest member only event happening this week
Utilization % by default area vs other areas
Days in Date Context for FY_Month Budgets
Embedded Power BI
Calculate first 12 months qty sold since open date of a store
Session updates for our upcoming Business Intelligence Summit - now available!
Financial Reporting Previous Year Actuals
RLS for an Org hierarchy
Control P Chart in PowerBI
Thoughts about "New Customer Analysis"
Using the outcome of a measure as a constant
Application of Slicers on the Visuals
Need a help at Gross Margin % as a row values
Relationship in the model and output in table and formula
Relationship in the model and output in table and formula
How to calculate count & Sum only the last year's lost contracts
Google analytics report sample
New Customer Analysis w/Power BI
Cross Selling Application w/Power BI
Banking Analytics w/Power BI
CRM Data Insights
Oil & Gas Industry Analytics
Call Center Insights w/Power BI
Supply Chain Analytics
Time Intelligence Intensive
Scenario Events Expanded w/Power BI
Inventory Management w/Power BI
Project Management Insights w/Power BI
Time-Based Cohort Analysis
Advertising & Marketing Campaign Analysis
Financial Reporting Templates
Financial Reporting in Power BI
Stock Market Dashboard - Scenario Method
OR Slicers in Direct Query
HELP: % with dynamic Denominator
PowerQuery to extract time series data for lookup tables
How To Use M Function In Creating Extended Date Table In Power BI - Query
Changing Folder Location w/ Query Parameter- Query Editor Tutorial
How To Mask Sensitive Data In Power BI
Optimizing Supply Chain Metrics Through Time w/Power BI & DAX
Date Harvest Deep Dive - Power BI Time Intelligence
Using The Extended Date Table - ISAFTERTODAY
Consumer Goods Sales Insights - Power BI Speed Build
Time Intelligence series by BrianJ and Melissa
Conditional formatting for KPI variances
Data Grouping/Merging and picking the latest date
Calculating Customer Life Time Value (CLTV) From Cohort Analysis Show Case
Percentage change speed
Replace Null value to today's date in power query
Retrieving all rows using a stored procedure with parameters
Error Updating Report on Power BI Service
Cyclic reference in Power Query
How To Convert YYWWD Code Into Date Value In Power BI - Query Editor Tutorial
How To Create A Holiday Table In Power BI - Time Intelligence in Power BIe
Using The Extended Date Table - OFFSETS in Power BI
Calculating Workdays Between Two Dates in Power BI
Simple Currency Conversion in Power BI w/DAX
How To Format Currencies in Power BI w/DAX
Customer Deep Dive - Power BI Speed Build
Financial Reporting Template Formatting
Linking Time Table with Dates in PowerBi
I want to work on some Analyst Hub templates...what should we prioritize?
Want to highlight the amazing collaborative aspects of the Analyst Hub
We've improved the formatting of all text in the Analyst Hub
Dynamic Grouping returning error
Dynamic Grouping of Aggregated Data
Number of Order on each segment
RLS Question on how to apply security on filter & transaction
Working with API's
GeoServer - how to connect with Power BI
Blank in the Slicer when filter in Power Query Editor
The Importance Of Data Engineering With Richie Bachala
Governance - General access information of users for applications
Recursive totals for projects for different Sites
Dynamic Image in Power BI Report
How to Prioritize Data Initiatives with Juan Orozco
Data Analytics in Government with Greg Philps
Forecast to Actuals formula
How to Lookup a value from a field in same table, based on it having an early start date
Formatted measure not displaying correctly
Sensitivity study example - Cumulative via ranking example (link via Measures among fact and lookup table)
Getting the data from onedrive and google drve
Fiscal Period Offset in Power Query
Turn Calendar Type Layout Into Tabular Format In Power BI - Query Editor
Managing Your Supply Chain Data w/Power BI - Analysis Techniques
Display only two rows month wise in Table Visual with DAX
Developing Custom Tiebreakers For RANKX
Creating Records For Daily Values With Power Query
Non-obvious relationship
Dynamic reporting with Fiscal Year (Portfolio of Companies)
Totals Not Coming Correct Virtual Table
Backlog- count a ticket in each month it is not solved
Setting Up A Dynamic Startdate And Enddate For Power Query Date Tables
Extract Records From Delimited Data In Power BI
Calculate Age of Harvest with differing inputs
Power BI Random Drawing Report
Get a value to apply as a filter
What New Content Do You Want to See in 2021?
Stock on Hand Total
Calculating Time metrics of the students
Remove Rows from Table but Count the Total Measure
Sales % (yearly) - - better way to calculate?
Create A Simple Lookup Table From Subtotal Rows - Power BI Optimization
Huge updates released this week in the Analyst Hub...learn more here
DAX.Do - Website for Creating DAX Queries
Advanced donor loyalty
DirectQuery question
Unique Data Insights in the Healthcare Space with Anuj Kapoor
How Data Analytics Make Companies More Resilient By Shiv Misra
How Data Literacy Is Changing The Way People Work With Jamie Beason
HR Consultation Insights - Power BI Speed Build
Create A Delimited List of Values in Power Query - Query Editor Tutorial
Changing Date Formats w/Power Query Editor - Simple Technique For Power BI
Accounting For Missing Currency Rates w/DAX
The Role Of Geospatial Data In Logistics With Paul Lucassen
Accounting For Missing Data In Currency Table w/PowerQuery
Turning Multiple Calendar Type Layouts Into Tabular Format In Power BI -
More Date Table Odd Behavior
Looking for a Dax to show min between two values
Optimizing DAX - The First of Many New Courses on Enterprise DNA's Education Platform in 2021
Issues with Head Count and Full time Equivalent (FTE) calculation
Calculating Avg % of Project Hours Per Decile of Project Duration
Tables/Matrix visual automate to excel format to sharepoint or ftp
SWITCH Optimization
Using variables (or something similar) in multiple expressions
Adding Parameter in Data Table M Function - Query Editor Tutorial
Pricing bulk commodity purchases that have volatile prices
Boost Your Power BI Productivity 3x - Format, Save And Reference All Your DAX
Backlog- count a ticket in each month it is not solved
How to speed up Power BI reports for opening and refreshing?
Counts number of Incidents with a Date slicer
Opening and closing inventories
User Credential Passthrough to Oracle DB in Direct Query
DAX calculations for working out Car Park occupancy
FYTD Hours calculation
Cumulative Cohort analysis
Five Strategies To Enhance Your DAX In Power BI
Drillthrough Question
Displaying Expansion Buttons when Embedding in a Portal
We're trying to build up our Ecosystems - can you help?
Brand new videos detailing the Enterprise DNA Education Platform now available
Power BI Challenge #3 - Wrap Up & Winning Submission
Multi Dimension Sorting in a clustered column chart
Delivery App Review - Power BI Speed Build
DAX to calculate value where data has multiple data rows
MICROS & SAGE integration
MySQL connection error (unblock with mysqladmin flush-hosts
Become A Corporate Sponsor Of Enterprise DNA's Power BI Challenges!
5-questions on using Power BI with Dynamics 365 and/or PowerApps
Month over Month calculating incorrect
Comprehensive New Power BI Showcase Resources To Inspire Your Own Development
Data Model for Consolidated Households vs. Non Consolidated Individual Accounts?
Waterfall chart - group results by top/bottom/other
Report Snapshot/Freeze Data Scenario
Help with Merger queries or Relationship between two fact tables
HELP - Getting a many to many relationship when it should be one to many
Forecasting of production data
Power BI Model - Help with DAX Calculation or Data Model structure
Time to perform activity measure
Power BI Challenge - Budget wage
Power Query Editor Help or Use DAX Calc Column?
Limiting or stopping further FILTER
Visuals in Power Bi Service are different than in Desktop
Dynamic selection of PDF file preview
Running total with Beginning Balance
Labor Hours summed by date of square footage
How to automatically refresh PBI desktop file!
Create a link between two databases and calculate forecast per week
Matrix calculus - specific formula for matrix
Calculated table with a date slicer
xmSQL and Filter
What is this RowNumber?
Intro to Storage Engine Queries
DAX Studio and the Two Engines
Topics We Will Cover
Create a Perpetually Updated Practice Dataset in Power BI
Convert The Date Table Function Into A Table Query in Power BI
Average of Summed Values
Calculating Weighted Average not involving dates
Cross Selling Application w/Power BI
TIP: Selecting the Best Visual for Your Data
Dynamic selection of PDF file preview
DateAdd Function
Visuals in Power Bi Service are different than in Desktop
xmSQL and Filter on Ranges
Columnar Storage
Watch out for Context Transition
Optimizing DAX - Variables
Optimizing DAX - VertiPaq Cache
Logical Query Plans
DAX Query Plan Steps 1.b
DAX Query Plan Steps 1.a
Mitigating CallBackDataID
Where's the bottle neck
Sub-expression Detection
About the The Analytic Mind category
CallBackDataID: What is it?
Opimizing DAX - xmSQL and Join
xmSQL Mathematical Operations
Materilization, the Later the Better
Forecast Model convert annual data to week and month
VertiPaq Operators
Data Model and Relationships
RLE on Dictionary Encoded Columns
DAX Query Structure
What are Data Caches?
Setting up DAX Studio
Identifying Context Transition
Implied GroupBy
xmSQL Aggregations
DAX Query Structure Part 2
VertiPaq Analyzer- Table Metrics
What is DAX Studio
VertiPaq Analyzier-Relationships and Referential Integrity
VertiPaq Analyzer- Table-Column Metrics
Physical Query Plans
Two Engines Comparison
Tour of DAX Studio
DAX Calculation - Filtering for latest record <= last sliced date
Difference between times from different tables
Card to display name chosen
Last Transaction Date and Price
VertiPaq Analyzer- All Columns Metrics
Dictionary (Hash) Encoding
What is VertiPaq
General Best Practices
Web Connection with Credentials
Optimizing DAX - Segmentation
Datamodel with multiple products in a salesorder
Run Length Encoding (RLE)
Identifying unused tables,measure and columns
Optimizing DAX - Value Encoding
Types of Compression Overview
Download Files and Change Parameter
How to generate surrogate keys for SCD fast in Power BI
Power BI Skills Matrix
Run and Test queries in the browser!
Binning customer by year revenues using a Live Connection to tabular model
Managing the Data Assets of Startups & Enterprises with Joel Dunahoe
MinX in a table
Product Gains & Losses Over Time
Automatic refresh of Dynamics 365 data
Leverage from a new measure a KPI (Status) created on Tabular Editor?
Weighted Average and Dynamic Indexing
Complex discount calculation ( time period,customer,products)
Count Condition with DAX
Table dropdown / Visual
Scheduled Refresh with API (with Bearer Token)
What New Content Do You Want to See in 2021?
Current Vs. Target Allocation Weighting
Matrix & Concatenations with universal connections
Web.Content parameters from Postman dump
Distinct count ID by the last date change into the last school they got enrolled
Match multiple columns and rows across multiple tables
Need to grab a previous value
Combine payment detail, reflect monthly until total is reached
Comparison column in a matrix
Conditional column values on charts
Filter dim table differently in two columns
Cumulative sum with date hierarchical
Check Out The Latest Webinar Detailing The Analyst Hub
Analytics Planner - App Overview
SQL Statement and Data Refresh Using Personal Gateway
Overview Of The Analyst Hub
Asset Allocation Roadmap for Investment Portfolio
Totals in my aggregations not showing
Hierarchies or path function
Building AI Solutions With Prashant Natarajan
How to create dynamic tooltips display for a bar chart
Using Data Model Metadata in Tooltips
Duration between two dates excluding Holidays and Weekends
DAX FORMULA Oil & Gas Industry Analytics
Logic re switcher
Table Sorting issue with a column with percentage value
Datamodel with multiple products in a salesorder
Disabling Refresh for old files in the onedrive folder
Mixed date formats on visualisations
Currency conversion measure is selecting month prior to current context
Near Duplicates - Power Query
Dynamic Date Range Slicer conflicting with outside period references
Cumulative sum with date hierarchical
Filter dim table differently in two columns
Business Central Dataflow
Chart of Accounts with Sub Accounts and changing descriptions
Composite model
Receipts Conciliation
Last year comparative same day (monday vs monday, 01 vs 01))
Cascasde Waterfalls
Time to Complete Budget Allocation
Prioritization Matrix - App Overview
Power BI Portfolio - App Overview
Colour Theme Generator - App Overview
Edna Bot - App Overview
DAX Clean Up - App Overview
Native Query against on premise SQL
Knowledge Base - Link Overview
Revenue Pace and Running Total - Dax calculation
Variables in measures wrong results
Cumulative Sales with no floor date
YTD with SelectedValue of Year Month Slicer
Creating The Ultimate Date Table In Power BI - How To Do This Fast (Updated Code)
Format Your DAX Formulas Using Our DAX Clean Up App - New Updates To Logic
Advertising & Marketing Campaign Insights Using Power BI - Reporting
Building A Reporting System With Power BI - Taking Development To The Next Level
Why Using Good Colours Across Your Reports Is Essential In Power BI
Dynamically Showcase Segment Insights Across Your Entire Power BI Report
Quickly Discover When The Last Date Something Occurred Was Using DAX - MAXX
Highlight Growth Trajectory Of A Customer Through Time - Analysis Tip For
Matrix Balance Sheet by month, Quarter or year
Showcase Which Multi Selections Are Selected Within A Slicer - Useful Visual
3 Visualization Tips You Can (And Should) Use In Your Power BI Reports
How To Change The Sort Of Visualizations Dynamically In Power BI
Showcase Unique Insights Using Conditional Formatting Within Charts - Power
Dynamically Showcase Ranked Groups Visually Over Time In Power BI
Dynamically Showcase When Customers Purchase Across All Dates - Power BI Viz Tip
Creating A Dynamic Tooltip With Embedded Charts Using Power BI - Epic Data
Retrieve The Previous Value Taking Into Account All Weekends And Holidays -
Setting Up Backgrounds For Power BI Reports Using PowerPoint
How To Compare Time Related Insights Together With Difference Date Slicers
Creating A Visual Tooltip In Power BI - Make Your Consumers Really Go Wow
Placing Dynamic Maps In Tooltips In Power BI - Ultimate Data Viz Technique
In-Depth Learning Around The Cumulative Total Pattern In DAX - Power BI Tips
Page Turning Visualization Idea For Power BI - Impressive Dashboard Technique
How To Select Colour Theme For Your Power BI Reports
Creating Information Boxes To Highlight Interesting And Dynamic Insights In
How To Create Text Summaries With Dynamic Measures Embedded Into The Description
Easy Hex Code Wrangling For Power BI
3 Ways To Discover Inspiration For Your Report Designs In Power BI Through
Unpivot Multiple Column Pairs In Power Query
Effectively Show Change In One State To Another State Using Unique
This Is What A Reporting Application Can Look Like - Power BI Visualization
How To Remove Duplicate Rows In Power Query Based On Conditions
Showcase Top Five Customers This Period vs Last Period - DAX Insights Using TOPN
How To Work Through Extensive DAX Formulas In Power BI - Formatting Tips
Sorting Date Table Columns In Power BI
Create a Moving Range Measure
Assembly Line Capacity Actual Vs Planned
Export Data from Power Query (Private data set)
Management Dashboard
Insurance Complaints
Optical Data - Power BI Showcase
Delivery App Review
Manufacturing Operations
Food Distribution Business
Employee Insights
Product Sales Overview
Cohort Analysis Showcase
Financial Reporting
Regional Summary
Detecting Outliers
Product Insights
Call Center Insights
Insurance Portfolio Analysis
Understanding Your Customers Better
Banking Clients
Customer Insights
Sales Scenario Analysis
US Regional Performance
EU Country Overviews
Customer Goods Sales
Delivery Application
Client Satisfaction
HR Interview Insight
Inventory Analysis
Accounts Receivable Insights
Financial Reporting In Power BI - Power BI Showcase
Regional Profit Insights
Advanced Budgeting Insights
Executive Insights
Product Discounting Scenarios
HR Consultation Insights
Customer Engagement Analysis - Power BI Showcase
Sales Performance
Advertising and Marketing Campaigns
Stock Market Dashboard - Power BI Showcase
Quarterly Business Insights
Financial Analytics
Transportation Bookings Management
Insurance Applications
Global Statistics
Conditional Filters - Measure
Project Management Dashboard
CRM Sales Data - Power BI Showcase
Time Intelligence Functions - Power BI Showcase
Multi Year Performance Analysis
Retail Sites Showcase
FX Risk Management
Customer Insight
Website Analytics
Inventory Management
Power BI Challenge #7 Now Complete - Amazing Round Of Submissions
RANKX avoid duplicate
SUM a Text Field
Need Guidance : Survey Data Story Telling & Visualization
Circular Dependency error while trying to calculate funding based on Closing Balance+Movement
Simplify Cumulative formula
Totalling Issue - Maybe!
Days Between 1st or Nth Orders for different customers
Previous YTD Calculation
Database Structure
Iwatch does not display the kpi visualization
New Virtual Power BI Deployment Event Series For Data Leaders
How The Analyst Hub Will Become The Social Network For Power BI Users
New 'Projects' Feature Now Being Developed Inside The Analyst Hub
How To Install Practice Dataset Power BI Tool
Introducing myself and posting questions to the forum
Empowering Data Analytics Through Design Thinking with Brett Cohen
How Data Analytics Can Transform Real Estate With Matthew Brown
Iterate over each column and add new
Brand New Power BI Challenge Showcase Now Live At Enterprise DNA Online
Power BI Embedded RLS
Dynamic % measure with multiple hierarchies in a matrix
Again stuck with simple calculation
Graph not showing the right value
Create a baseline sales
Subtotal is now ok, but Grandtotal is still wrong, but not in waterfall chart
Finding first min and second min
Calculating Average Warehouse Code sales
Dax Logic help needed
Date Calendar Not picking measures for certain Year
How to get a CUSUM instead of the total in a Matrix
The Art Of Storytelling In Data Analytics With Alex Badiu
Rest API Google Analytics connection failed in Dataflows
PNL Report - issue when using not original value for one of the headers
Should I keep my table wide or long?
Paginated Reports
% of total issue using custom slicer
Sales Pipeline Stages
Brand New Demo Of The Analyst Hub
Daily Forecast Allocation Weighted by Day Of Week
X Axis Scaling with Date Table
Recursion problem using power query
Power BI Challenge 7 - Purchases, Inventory And Sales Entry from Sam M
Less Is More - Power BI Design Tips For Simple & Compelling Reports
Elevate Your Color Themes Via the Analyst Hub Community
Creating A Custom Text Cleaning Function In Power Query
Create A Dimension Table In A Text File - Intro To Problem Of The Week #2
Create A Dimension Table In A Text File - Problem Of The Week #2 (Power Query
Addressing Granularity Issues - Intro To Problem of the Week #4 (Power Query)
Counting Dynamic Text Results Measure
Level Up Your External Tools Menu In Power BI
Combinations and Permutations in Power BI
Perpetual Holiday Calendar - Problem of the Week #1 (DAX Solution)
Timesheet and Wages - Intro To Problem Of The Week #3 - (DAX Problem)
On Hand Balance
KPI Visualisation / Add Static target
Huge amount of DAX formula templates now in Analyst Hub
Creating a new table by pulling data from different tables based on conditions
5 above and 5 below a selected rank with RANKX
Best way to optimize data model with intermediate tables
Dax Parameters With Power Bi Report Builder
DAX Grand total with Filters
How to hide table when there is no data?
Having a Context Issue for my DAX Code
Incorrect weeknumber 1 in 2021
The Analyst Hub is coming very soon!
2 New Apps Integrated Into The Analyst Hub
Business Analytics Week Dataset 14-16/12
Meet The Enterprise DNA Power Users
All Function Vs Values Function Usage in Topn
Analyse in Excel - Pivottabel Drillthrough
Data Model Design
Creating a table in a tabular Model
Incorrect weeknumber 1 in 2021
Cumulative Discounted Sales
Using a lookup table to filter a fact table
Mixed area/line chart
Ranking with Calculated Measure and Grouping
Restricting the date in date slider
Distribution of hours worked by employees en DAX
How to filter data by Account Name via an ID number
Measure on X axis of visual (Using Switch to segment a continuous variable)


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