Basket Analysis with Support, Confidence and Lift

I’ve read all the similar topics regarding subjects about “Basket Analysis”, but cant find a solution to my question.

I have built a model that consider three key metrics when evaluating association rules. Those are Support, Confidence and Lift. All of it is built with the help of this article:

My model checks the association in the basket analysis in regarding to different Brands that was bought together. Everything works perfectly, but now I want to take it further and would like to add some Slicers to make some filters such as Date, Country and Shop for example.

The problem is that I can’t figure out a way to create a relationship between the two tables to filter e.g. Date.

Link to the model!AhtttbmjaMT7hA9VnMmjcAhfZvOr?e=BMFie8

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Hi @Tibbie,

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I hope this is helpful.

Okey thanks @Melissa!
To further explain my end goal with the report I would like to have the visuals as is, but be able to slice by date, country and shop for example.

Since its a many to many relationship between the two fact tables i tried to do a helper table in between and connect them. Then use One-to-One and have cross-filter both. But didn’t get that to work either.

Like this example (another case but still the same thinking)

hmm sad thread :confused:

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@EnterpriseDNA I dont understand what you mean with asking more than one question?

The ONLY question ive asked is how to connect the model so i can filter on date for example.

How could this take several hours of time to answer? And if it does, im 100% sure that it would be worth it since this example of basket analysis has a big demand for lots of different types of companies and a perfect example to update the old basked analysis-course for us members who are paying customers.

But I understand if its more convenient to answer many less demanding questions than one big one.

Thanks anyway!

I’ve had a look at the thread and I can’t download the model with the link provided.

Basket Analysis is always rather complex.

To me though the issue is your model. Currently I can’t see any best practices used at all, and this is likely why it’s difficult to understand what the issue is.

Here are many videos that should help on a few things here.

This entire course is crucial for working with the data model effectively


Also on basket analysis

You also want to be looking to use the CALCULATETABLE function with basket analysis

With basket analysis a big part of what you need to master is how to compare two tables of data virtually

See here for ideas on this

One this you mention also is that you have a relationship between two fact table. In my experience this should never happen ever. So something isn’t right here with you model that needs to be optimized.

So, bit to do here.

First your model needs to be optmized and follow best practices or basket analysis is very very difficult, if not impossible to complete successfully. Once this is done your ultimate formula will be much simpler that you think.