Average per quarter



I have to calculate the average of averages.

I used the following measures:

PalletsTotaal =

PalletsGemiddeld =
AVERAGEX(VALUES(DimDatum[Date]); [PalletsTotaal] )

AantalDagenGedraaid =
COUNTX(VALUES(FactInslag[Datum]); FactInslag[Datum])

So basically the measure that computes the average of PalletsGemiddeld must be one value



If you want the average of a number you’ve already calculated, try using SUMMARIZE to iterate through a virtual table based on those calculations.

For example,

SUMMARIZE ( Dates, QuarterHourColumn,
“Average Results”, PalletsMeasures ),
[Average Results] )

This is the technique I would try first.

For more details see this example below

Here’s the main part to look at

See if this helps


Hi, thanks for quick response.

It’s exactly what I was looking for. Now I want the total value to be displayed on each quarter hour. So 9,68 in every quarter hour, making it a straight line.

Any thoughts on how to reach this?


Any clue?


I think you are on the right track. You used a measure similar to the one Sam suggested prior. Did this measure not give you the result you wanted? What is result looking for if not.



Hi Jarrett,

I want 9,68 ( the average of all quarter hours) to be in each row, so I can display this as a straight line.