Append function


Hi Sam,
I am working with a SQL view that holds 90 days of data. I have two years of data stored in excel but like to be able to use append function in query editor to store data in Power BI directly instead of storing in excel. Is it possible to create a function in Power BI to store historical data?




It likely is possible to do this. I currently do not have any example of this specifically. But I like the idea and have to note it down as something to dive into deeper.

Another name for what you are looking for is ‘incremental load/refresh’. This currently isn’t really possible in Power BI.

I discussed this here, but have not been able to showcase a good solution (mainly as there are so many variations in what could be required…it’s just not that easy)

How hard is it to actually save it into excel right now. If it’s not that difficult, personally I wouldn’t get caught up in doing this in Power BI as it’s making your life more difficult than it needs to be.

Think of excel as just another staging area for your data. It’s just like a database really, but a much easier place to locate and manage data tables now.



Hi Sam,
I am creating reports for someone outside of my department with no Power BI experience and trying to create a less stressful process to maintain. I was just trying to fully understand append function in query editor and trying to see if it’s possible to create a function that append’s data with each refresh.

Just so you know that Incremental refresh is now available in Power BI but sadly it’s only available for premium users for now.



Yes I just saw this yesterday as well. That’s a small positive that it is available, but yes MS I think are going to start doing this a lot where they will start putting all the best functionality behind the paywall.

It is to be expected.