How To Keep Historic Data In Power BI - Advanced Query Editor Concepts



I want to keep historical data to track of some KPI’s in past months, However, my file automatically refresh for current month data. is there any way I can keep old data in the data table?


Append function

What you’re looking for is incremental refresh.

Out of the box Power BI does not have this.

What you could do is attempt to do this within the query editor yourself, where you bring in the latest data, but only extract the most recent changes.

Once you have done that you can then append them onto an existing ‘master’ table, which has all your historic data stacked up.

This is not super easy and kind of hard to explain. I would have to create a video for this and test it myself. There are a number of nuances to getting this to work properly based on all the variables that could happen.

So, the answer is no, but a complex work around could be created.

I will place this on the list to test and create a video about, but it will likely be a few weeks away.