7 Day Comparisons of Donation Groups


I’m having difficulty calculating a comparison I’ve been asked to create.

Specifically it is what % of each donation group is cancelling over the past 7 days. The concern is whether or not the more valuable customers are cancelling in greater numbers.

For example, in the past 7 days we lose 10 customers from the ‘25 plus’ group. At the beginning of those 7 days there were 100 customers giving who were in the ‘25 plus’ group. Therefore, the % lost in this donation group is 10%. How does this compare to the previous 7 days? Is the trend getting worse etc?

I have calculated the donation group for each customer from my sales table. The groups are:


For the current 7 days I can calculate the number of donors in each group we’ve lost but how do I determine how many there were at the beginning of the 7 days? Is it just (those lost + those left)?

Then for the previous 7 days I’d need to recalculate the donation count for each customer based on what date block it is and when they started giving and if they stopped - I have both dates.

Any guidance would be much appreciated. If my description is unclear please let me know.

The PBIX is attached. Sign Ups & Cancellations.pbix (3.4 MB)

Hi @KieftyKids,

Have you looked into this segmentation technique?


Think there are two approaches:

  1. If you are doing a Week over Week comparison it would make sense to me to calculate the difference over completed weeks only. So looking at the total from last week vs the total for the week before that. For the current week however you could do a “To Date” comparison with last week. Example if your data is until Thursday then compare with LW data until Thursday…
  2. But another approach could be to always compare the last 7 days with the 7 days before that - so day by day contiguously moving through time. However I think this will make it harder to compare the daily figures and get any insights from it…

Thank you for opening up a new thread and providing a PBIX :+1:

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