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Hello, I would like to ask for help :slight_smile: I have a very simple table with dates, products, values and YTD values. I attached a sample file, however in reality my data comes from an accounting system. The problem is this - I have to report for every month and product sum of values > it is very simple, just a sum of column Values. My problem comes with YTD values > because I have data from an accounting system, I can not use standard measures for YTD with the values column and calculate YTDATES, because the accountants do changes in data after the report retroactively, however, I never get new data. So, the sum of the column Values and the sum of YTD Values do not match. That is why I have to work with the column YTD values. But, the YTD values column already consists of the sum of previous values. So I can not use the sum. And at the total row value, I need to show the last value (December value).

I can not find a solution, I uploaded xlsx file. In my PBIX I have a proper calendar table.

Thank you for any help in advance.
Example.xlsx (19.1 KB)


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