YTD Budget based on Expenses related month

I need help because I’m stuck in a calculation that seems to be simple but I can not find the solution
I have 2 tables (Actual Expenses and Budget) related to a date table and one with accounting codes, but not related to each other

My problem is this:

I want to show the YTD Budget but not selecting any month.
In the case of Actual Expenses, I can present Actual YTD without any difficulty, but in the case of the Budget, it always presents the total of the year.

Is there a simple process for the YTD Budget to be for the same period of the Actual Expenses?

It would always be helpful to see the actual measures, as that is likely the issue here.

I have created a simple technique to solve something like this that I believe would help here.

Check out the below and see if this can work with your formula.

HI Sam

Many thanks for the information.
I’m using more or less your suggestion

_Cumulative Expenses = _
_    FILTER(ALLSELECTED(Calendario);_
_        Calendario[Date]<=MAX(Calendario[Date]))))_

But I only can get the results for the actual expense, does not apply to the budget, and I do not understand why.

In your example, is more or less the same, it work only for the Cumulative Totals, but not for the Cumulative Budget, as I understood, or I’m not correct?

Additional information

I try your solution and also some variations

I get in a table what I want, but when I use a card, I get always the total


Thanks to your videos and teachings, I get what I want.
Probably is not the best way, but fit my needs

And because maybe someone have the same problem, I share my solution
This is a measure to define which are the actual month with expenses

Based on that I get this:

Anyhow, many thanks for the support