Year over Year Bug

I have a G/L table with values by FY, Month, Locations, GL accounts and Amounts. My “Total_Amount” calc works perfectly (, but when I use either the “SameDateLastYear” function or the “DateAdd” function, the “Total_Amount_LY” returns the same value as “Total_Amount”. I’ve literally copied formulas from the learning (several varieties) and still no luck. At my wit’s end…any suggestions?

Table looks like this:
FY Month Location GLAccount Amount
2020 Jan 1 1000000 400
2020 Jan 1 2000000 240
2020 Jan 1 3000000 308
etc for multiple values in each column.

My result on the canvas looks like:
FY Total_Amount Total_Amount_LY
2020 124,000.00 124,000.00
2019 119,500.00 119,500.00
2018 121,760.00 121,760.00
I’m using the same Date table provided by Sam in the learning…linking the days to the months in the G/L table.
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance

Please post a sample PBIX file so we can better assist.


Appreciate the assistance. This is fake data but the table structure is the same. Sample for Forum.pbix|attachment (729.3 KB)

Please re upload the file. There is no file to download? It is 7PM my time right now, I’ll have a look at it in the morning if your able to upload it this evening.


Sample for Forum.pbix (729.8 KB)

Please try this one…thx


here is solution I came up with. I adjusted your Date table a bit, and added a couple extra columns in your GL History Table. Probably don’t need both, I’ll let you choose if you start of month or end of month. if it is possible I would use an actual date from your data source, rather than using a month and year. That is why I created those 2 columns. Let me know if this satisfies what you are looking for.

EDNA Forum- Year Over Year Solution.pbix (760.6 KB)


Very nice, will use. Appreciate the help!

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