Y axis $, Data Label %

Is there a way to show $ on the Y axis but have the Data label be the %.

I have 2 measures so that I can get the % of total within the category but management wants to see that % in the data label not in the tool tip. However, they want the $ on the Y axis.

Hi Rita,

Have you tried layering visuals? The scenario in this video differs from yours but perhaps you can apply the same techniques and see if this solves your problem.

Thanks @Melissa. Unfortunately with a % vs $ the bars won’t match up correctly as I did try that earlier as a hack.

Maybe there’s an acceptable alternative… like have the % on the data label and a grand total $ on top that way you don’t need the axis to match perfectly

Is this any good?


Thanks Paul. I do know how to do the totals - They don’t want a grand total on top unfortunately. They want the data label to show % even though the Y axis shows dollars. They present themselves very differently in ratio if you use $ or % therefore the hack to layer won’t work. I think there is no solution for their ask in Power BI at this time.