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Xero Connector for Desktop App

Hi All,

Sorry, new to this so hopefully this is the right place to post, but I am wanting to build some reports from Xero in the Desktop App (rather than Web App), can anyone recommend a connector to use?

Thanks for your time,


Hello @Juju,

Thank You for posting your query onto the Forum.

@sam.mckay Sir has created some of the videos onto this topic which is also available onto the YouTube on our “Data Nucleus” channel. Below are the links of the videos provided for the reference.

Hoping you find this useful and meets your requirements that you’ve been looking for. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks and Warm Regards,


Hi @Juju, did the response provided by @Harsh help you solve your query? If not, how far did you get and what kind of help you need further? If yes, kindly mark the thread as solved. Thanks!

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Thanks a lot @Harsh for your reply, was very helpful!

Hi @Harsh, I’m trying to connect PBI to my Data Nucleus database, but I get this error, are you able to help with this? Does it matter that the email i use for Data Nucleus, and PowerBI are different? Cheers

We encountered an error while trying to connect Details: “Microsoft SQL: The target principal name is incorrect. Cannot generate SSPI context.”

Hello @Juju,

Well this error doesn’t have to do anything with the email address since I also had different email ID credentials.

There are certain points which are important in this case and needs to be entered correctly while connecting with the Data Nucleus server.

1. Server Name.
2. Database Name.
3. Username.
4. Password.

Once the above credentials are entered correctly, you’ll be able to connect with the Data Nucleus server and will be able to load the XERO data into Power BI.

You can again refer the video pertaining to the topic - " How To Connect Power BI To Your Xero Data".

Hoping you’ll be able to connect with the Data Nucleus server for XERO data and achieve the results that you’re looking for. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks and Warm Regards,

Hi Harsh,

Thanks for your reply, I have watched the video suggested but the login step in PBI which I am actually having trouble with is skipped as Sam was already logged in.

I get this error message when i try to sign in, using my datanucleus sign in credentials for both windows and database tabs in the sign in request screen in PBI :

Message: AADSTS900021: Requested tenant identifier ‘00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000’ is not valid. Tenant identifiers may not be an empty GUID.

It seems the fix for this empty GUID error for other users/database is to update the user credentials within the database, however I don’t see this option in DataNucleus?

Thanks for your patience, much appreciated