Wrong Calculation in PNL Webinar?


Hi Sam, i have downloaded your spreadsheet and PBI file for your last webinar which you did a PNL report. I noticed your fomula for percent difference might be wrong? Or i may have an old copy of the PBI Report.

the photo shows where I am talking about. Should the dax formula for % diff = actuals - actuals ly / actuals? or 1 - (actuals ly - actuals/ actuals ly)
Or am I thinking of this wrong, because there are clear cases of increasing revenue yet showing a decline in %.

Cheers Sam.


HI Robert,

I just checked this. It’s actually correct from what I can see.

The reason why you may be confused (and probably needs to be made more obvious) is the that different in you image is between budget not LY, even though you have this is the table.

See above in your image you have the same thing selected so that is what is showing in the table. You would need to switch this over the ‘vs Last Year’ to compare like for like.

This brings up a good point though, that everything within your visual needs to be very clear, and maybe this falls down, with some of the added features built into the report.