Working Days based on Current Fiscal Month

Hi ,
I am trying to get the total sum of Working days for the selected Fiscal Month. For Current Month, it gives 7 for Nov as Period 11 Starts on Oct 25th

WorkdaysForPeriod = 

CALCULATE(COUNT(date_dimension[Date]),FILTER(ALLSELECTED(date_dimension),date_dimension[OperationPeriod] = SELECTEDVALUE(date_dimension[OperationPeriod]) && date_dimension[IsWeekend] = "0" && date_dimension[IsHoliday] = "0")) 

Whenever I selected previous completed Months I do get correct number but I need to get the current month value to be 21 however I cant get it to my desired result

Please guide or Help me


If the formula was working correctly previously then i guess that something else must have gone wrong or changed in your dataset. It would be helpful if you can share your PBIX and excel file to look at.


Sorry I am trying to develop this logic for the first time … I meant when I select previous month lets say Oct, Sep then I am getting correct Count of Working Days


I have simplified the formula and it’s correctly pulling out working days based on month or period:

WorkDaysInPeriod =
VAR SelectedMonth = SELECTEDVALUE( ‘Date’[MonthOfYear] )
VAR Result =
COUNT( ‘Date’[IsWorkingDay] ),
ALL( ‘Date’ ),
‘Date’[MonthOfYear] = SelectedMonth ) )

I have no idea how you have set up your WorkDays but I would suggest to have WorkDays (excluding Weekends and Holidays) in Power Query rather than making it complex in DAX.
PBIX file is attached.
Working Days.pbix (111.4 KB)

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Here is a potential list of additional information to include in this thread; demo pbix file, images of the entire scenario you are dealing with, screenshot of the data model, details of how you want to visualize a result, and any other supporting links and details.

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Hi @MudassirAli, Thank you for your help! Much appreciated

My Storage mode is Direct Query and I have a date_dimension with IsWeekend and IsHoliday flags already built into this table.
My initial DAX worked and I figured this was data model issue where I had bi-directional on with another fact table that was filtering out current months’ date to only till Nov 3rd. I have changed the relationship and ended up with two versions of working DAX.

WorkdaysForPeriod =

date_dimension[OperationPeriod] = SELECTEDVALUE(date_dimension[OperationPeriod]) && date_dimension[IsWeekend] = "0" && date_dimension[IsHoliday] = "0")

Workdays =
VAR _WorkCount =
(date_dimension, date_dimension[Weekday] <> “1” && date_dimension[Weekday] <> “7” && date_dimension[IsHoliday] = “0” ),

I will use your Code as well :slight_smile: