Why is Power query transform data and the close and load not in the same order?


When I query data ( first screen shot ) and close and load the data ( see second screen shot )

the order of the columns has changed,i Need the exact order of screen shot 1
what is the reason for this beharviour and how can I fixed this ?

thanks in advance


Hi @Roger,

I would check your steps in the power query to see if you accidentally moved columns.

Have you tried DataMentor/ EDNA AI to see if comes up with an answer?


@Roger here’s my take…

I’ve noticed that when you add new columns after you’ve already closed and loaded your data, these columns always show up at the end of the table in table view. One trick that might fix that is to disable the load, which removes it from the model (Close & Load), and then enable it again. That will update the model schema, but I didn’t test this myself so I’m not sure…

However, you can’t visualize a table’s view directly in a Power BI report, so the order of the columns shouldn’t really be a problem. You have complete control over the column order within a table or matrix visual on the report page.


thanks for the info, It wasn’t a problem of visualisation. I wanted to append 2 tables but the order of columns was different

kind regards

Hi @Roger

As @Melissa said, the order of the columns doesn’t matter betweeen Query Editor and Data View. The order of the columns also doesn’t matter when appendiing in Power Query/M. If you do want to reset the column order for personal preference reasons, I posted a hack a few years ago that may be of interest:

Hope it helps.

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