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Which Gateway to use

I cannot figure out which gateway to use.

My PBI application is using data on an Amazon AWS PostgreSql database for which we use ODBC to refresh the data.

There is no data to regularly refresh from files on our own local computers. There are some static files that rarely change but we could refresh from PBI Desktop when necessary.

Any assistance gratefully received.


Hi @PaulBoyes , link provided below might help you on choosing which data gateway to use :slight_smile: .

Power BI and the On-premises Data Gateway: What is it?

Get started with the Power BI Gateway

What is Power BI Gateway? Do You Need it to Connect to On-Premise Data? Can You Avoid Using One?


Thank you for that. However I still have a problem,

I have installed and configured Gateway Standard but PBI Service keeps giving me a message that Gateway Personal is missing and should be installed.


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